What’s All The Buzz About Forestcore Aesthetic?

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023

Just when you think you have your finger on the pulse of trends, another one arrives on the scene and knocks your socks off. Yes, we are talking about the forestcore trend. With everyone and their uncle wanting to do their bit for the planet, this trend fits the bill perfectly.

To find out what the buzz is about, let’s first examine what forestcore is all about. Then we can move on to the nitty-gritty of this gorgeous decor. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

What is the Forestcore Look?

Forestcore is about introducing the earthy colors of the forest into your decor. It’s also about indulging your whimsy with pine cones, plants, dried foliage, and botanical motifs in your home decor.

How to nail it

  • Use natural hewn wood in your decor

  • Dress up your accent wall with natural stone

  • A lime wash on your walls will fit right in

  • Use natural wood, cane, and jute in your furniture

Colors of the Forest

Using nature’s color palette is easy, as Mother Nature knows about color more than we do. So getting the combination right isn’t hard if you take her lead.

How to nail it

  • Use moss green, mushroom, or beige shades on your walls

  • For your upholstery, use neutral shades

  • Let the natural wood stand out in contrast to the neutrals

  • Add rust or brown accents for your mushroom walls

  • Use dark olive or beige shades as accents if your walls are jade or moss green

Play with Textures

Textures are abundant in a forest. What’s interesting is, there are a lot of contrasts. There is the soft spongy feel of the mushroom, the velvety touch of leaves, or the rough texture of twigs and branches. So, take a leaf out of nature’s book for your decor.

How to nail it

  • Your upholstery needs to be comfortable, so choose fabrics accordingly. However, avoid artificial materials, such as leatherette, or you will kill the look

  • Introduce sisal work, baskets, and jute lamps as your accessories

  • Pine cones and twigs are great add-ons

  • Distressed furniture is ideal for this setting

  • Soft cushions can emulate the spongy mushroom feel

Get the Lighting Right

Think of the sunrays peeping through the thick canopy of a forest and get inspired. While it’s hard to copy the play of light and shadows on the forest floor, you can do the next best thing by using natural features in your decor. While you take care of the basics, such as ambiance, task, and accent lighting, try to do it the natural way.

How to nail it

  • Use natural elements such as cane or jute in your lamps and pendant lighting

  • Twigs are a wonderful tool to bring out the forest theme. All they need is fairy lights

Use Natural Elements for Accessories

Be it the trending macrame wall hanging, plants, or quirky log tables, it’s easy to introduce these items in your decor once you have tackled the basics of forestcore. Let’s look at your options:

How to nail it

  • Overlap macrame wall hangings to amp up the forestcore look

  • Sisal or jute baskets hanging from your walls are great ways to bring out the forestcore decor

  • Use rough handcrafted wooden stools for your misshaped earthen pottery

  • Woven plates for your wall decor

Add Botanical Motifs to the Decor

While plants are a given in forestcore decor, botanical-themed artwork is a great add-on for this trend.

How to nail it

  • Display crockery with botanical motifs in your cabinets

  • Pressed flower frames are great for wall decor and standalone pieces

  • Interesting stones and pebbles make ideal props for your botanical art

  • Your old-world chipped crockery will fit right in

Our Thoughts

As much as we love it, it’s not possible to have a forest in our backyard unless we are one of the fortunate ones. The next best thing is the forestcore decor to bring a jungle vibe into our homes.

As most of the elements you use are eco-friendly, you can kill two birds with one stone. At homebliss.in, we love to explore new trends and ideas. You are welcome to join us on our quest for the beautiful.