5 Lilac Decor Ideas For Your Home

Last updated on July 10th, 2023

Lilac is not a color that instantly comes to mind when designing your home. However, this shade packs a punch by giving your décor a unique look. Also, the fact that this color is trending is an added incentive.

So, how do you use lilac in your décor? And what are the colors that work with this subtle shade? Without beating about the bush, let’s find out more about the charm of lilac and how to use it to bring out the best in your décor.

1. Lilac with White


White is an interesting pick to go with your lilac wall paint. It enhances the soft lilac shade without overwhelming it. You can introduce your white shade in your sheer curtains, cane furniture, sofas, and lamps. For a vintage vibe, there is nothing like a charming shelving unit in white in your kitchen or your dining space. What’s more, you can carry forward your lilac motif with cups in that shade. A few items in a deeper violet will not be remiss in this setting.

Shades that work with lilac and white? Moss green, pastel green, and muddy yellow are good choices. However, go easy on these shades.

2. Use it as an Accent

Undoubtedly, lilac is a gorgeous color, perfect for your home. However, if it isn’t your cup of tea, you can add a touch of lilac and lavender to the accessories. This can be in the form of crockery, vases, flowers, or rugs and stoles. To take your look to the next level, carry forward the lilac theme in all the accessories in your home. This will give your home seamless beauty. And yes, it will go with neutral shades as long as you don’t introduce vibrant colors to the mix.

Your bathroom can also do with a touch of lilac. If all else fails, add some rolled lilac towels to the mix. Use tasteful wicker baskets as receptacles. A few faux lavender sprigs will complete this gorgeous look.

3. Lilac Upholstery


If you have white walls in your home, try adding lilac or muddy mauve sofas to the decor. Embellish your decor with dark gray or black and white cushions. For a quirky twist, you can add chairs in stripes or patterns in subdued colors. Remember, you want Lilac to be the hero. Sprays of purple flowers in your vignette will add dimension to your look. To give your decor the finishing touch, dress up your walls with paintings. And hey, don’t forget the lighting. For tips on getting it right, click on this link.

4. Pair it with Gray

Gray has a timeless beauty. To add it to your lilac home decor, gray sofas, cushions, and rugs are your options. However, you may need another color to amp up the look. Peach works beautifully in this setting. Moss green is an interesting shade and can be used for your accessories.

And hey, let the flooring decide the color of your rug. Go for contrasts; dark rugs for light-colored flooring, and light rugs for dark flooring. In this case, maroon or dark gray are good picks. Use moss green, dark gray, or black throw cushions to dress up your sofas.

5. A Lilac Kitchen


A lilac backsplash in your kitchen will give the space a unique twist. Waterproof wall paint is an option. If you prefer tiles, there are plenty of choices; you can try patterned tiles or go for glossy lilac tiles. For a finishing touch, don’t forget accessories in dark purple and indigo.

If you have a yen for an all-white or neutral-colored kitchen, add lilac accessories to the kitchen design so that it matches the rest of the home decor.

Summing Up


Lilac is an interesting color to work with. And as it isn’t very common, you get a decided advantage. As for finding a color match for your lilac, the possibilities are endless. To find the perfect color groove, contact us at Homebliss. And don’t forget to check out our latest posts on home decor so that you don’t miss out on the latest trends.