Tropicalcore, The Trend That Transports The Vacation To Your Doorstep

Last updated on August 19th, 2023

If you look at some of the old 80s sitcoms, such as “Golden Girls,” you will find their taste in décor fascinating and tasteful. This décor style is exuberant and has a joyful holiday vibe. Well, it’s got a name. And it’s back with a bang.

Yes, we are talking about the tropicalcore home décor, an interesting way to let the holiday mood seep into your décor. So, what’s the tropicalcore décor about? And how do you pull off this fantastic look? You need to look no further, as we are here to walk you through the steps. Let’s begin!

What is the Essence of Tropicalcore Décor?

Tropicalcore décor is uninhibited and joyous. It celebrates bold colors, natural textures, and botanical themes. It is all about bringing together natural elements and color to brighten your space. Furthermore, it’s about curating a tasteful and stylish look to liven up your space. However, there is a fine line between a tropicalcore décor and an over-the-top cheesy look. But hey, if these fancy concepts are confusing, let’s simplify the matter and show you how to pull off this decor.

How to Add Tropicalcore Elements to Your Décor

You can either go maximalist with a lot of tropicalcore elements, or you can add a few tropical touches for a minimalist vibe. Here’s how you can get the look you want:

  • Introduce natural elements such as driftwood or pressed flower frames to your décor.

  • Botanical prints in your upholstery, cushions, or rug are an interesting way to get a tropical vibe.

  • Natural textures such as handwoven sisal weaves, macramé wall art, or dhurries are perfect for this setting.

What are the salient features you should be looking at? Let us find out.

Bold Color Schemes

Unleash the joy of colors with bright pink, orange, teal, or green. Yellow works too and personifies the tropicalcore décor in all its glory.

Since natural colors such as earthy browns or moss greens are tropical shades, you can opt for these if you want a soothing environment. Try to incorporate leafy prints into your décor to get the look right.

Plants! Lots of Them!

The tropics are synonymous with plants. A celebration of foliage will amp up your tropicalcore theme. Large plants are ideal for this décor. Go for plants that do not need a lot of care. Your options are areca palms, snake plants, pothos, or Dieffenbachia. If you have a balcony, try the Passiflora or the bleeding heart vines for your trellis. This is sure to give your home a vacation home vibe.

Tropical Patterns

Palm and banana leaf patterns are popular choices in tropicalcore décor. Botanical and animal prints will work too. To add an interesting element to these gorgeous prints, try to add cabana stripes to the mix. You can incorporate these prints into your cushions, wallpaper, or upholstery. Go for contrasts to amp up the look.

A variety of prints is a tightrope walk, so go easy when you mix patterns.

How Much is Too Much?

Once you get into the groove, you are sure to pick up any and every item that matches the tropical theme. The result is an overload of patterns and colors that will make your head spin. To avoid this disastrous scenario, here’s what you should do:

  • Pick a color scheme. Do you want to go bold with a bright shade, or do you prefer a subdued look? Decide and stick to it.

  • If you have a magnificent patterned wallpaper, resist the temptation to go for a patterned couch. You can balance the pattern on the wall with a few printed cushions.

  • Balance the overwhelming bright colors with lots of neutrals for gorgeous décor.

Our Thoughts

Tropicalcore décor can be breathtaking. The trick is to take it one step at a time and plan before plunging in at the deep end. Begin your revamp only after you have a basic plan in place. Of course, an expert hand makes a whale of difference in such a complex play of colors and patterns. So, if you feel you can’t wing it, we will gladly give you a hand at to help you get your dream decor.