Grandpa Chic: The Perfect Blend of Timeless Elegance and Cozy Comfort

Last updated on August 23rd, 2023

Grandpa chic is a unique style that embodies nostalgia and sophistication. It is not easy to mimic or formulate it like other design styles. It is about putting together elements from other decor styles to create a timeless look. In short, it should appear that the elements have been around for decades.

Grandpa chic is very different from the coastal grandmother look, where there are a lot of doilies and frills in the decor. Bold colors and patterns are also a strict no-no. So how do you incorporate a grandpa’s no-nonsense look into your decor? Let’s find out.

Grandpa chic defined

Designers didn’t come into the picture in your grandpa’s time. The occasion stool in the corner probably belonged to his grandfather. The chest may be something your grandma brought home with her dowry. Some things have been around for generations, and others added along the way as the need arose.

This is not to say that you go for a dowdy look. It’s about creating an environment that mimics this journey. It’s about creating the impression of a rich heritage with your decor. Yes, your grandpa is a hard act to beat. But no worries, we will see you through the process.

Putting together the grandpa chic look

Unlike modern decor, grandpa chic exudes an acquired look. It’s about telling a story of slow acquisition that has taken time to build. This means playing with various styles and traditions with a generous mix of rich elements. It’s about creating cozy spaces with a buzz of activity in the furniture and artifacts. However, it isn’t ostentatious or overbearing, but warm and inviting, just like grandpa’s home. This also means opting for pieces that don’t have a fresh-of-the-shelf look. And lastly, it speaks of rich glory and quality.

These treasures are not easy to come by, but not impossible either. The hunt is more exciting than the acquirement. Doing it all in one go kills the essence of this wonderful look. No, you don’t have to get to grandpa’s age to complete the look! But let it evolve gradually, a piece at a time. This will also add a bit of authenticity to the appearance. Hunt for traditional patterns in your curtains and rugs. Brass and gold fittings will complete this fabulous look.

Avoid the matchy-match look

We can’t imagine grandpa hunting for a set of matching sofas or tables. He would probably add a new style to his collection if he needed more seating. Throwing away the precious settee would be blasphemy! We can’t be grandpa, but we can try to walk in his shoes. Let’s check out these interesting tips:

  • Hunt for pieces that speak the same language without being the same

  • Shop from more than one furniture store to give it an authentic look

  • Large and traditional couches and chairs will fit right in

  • Opt for cozy seating just the way grandpa would have wanted it

  • Leather sofas add vintage appeal and are perfect in this setting

  • Use accessories to add a personal touch

  • Layer the little things to define this style

  • Use items from different eras to give the “built-over-time” look

  • It’s about nostalgia and this means adding your family photos, the older the better, into your decor

  • Natural materials such as Burma teak or Kota stone flooring will add dimension to this look

  • Add interesting hand-embroidered cushions to the mix for originality. It may be grandpa chic, but we are sure grandma added her two bits too!

There are no hard and fast rules with this one. Remember, your grandpa’s idea of comfort and style differed from that of his neighbors.

Our thoughts

Grandpa chic is nostalgia at its best. If you can get your elderly relatives to part with a few interesting pieces for your home, you can rock this fantastic look. Otherwise, street-side old furniture marts will give you what you need. For more interesting design concepts and styles, log in to We have style, and we are sure grandpa would approve.