5 Clever Ways to Use Mirrors in Small Spaces

Last updated on May 19th, 2022

We all know about this classic decor hack: add mirrors to make a small room appear bigger. It is true that adding a mirror in a small space can literally double up your space, visually. But, what no one tells you is the fact that simply adding mirrors at random corners of the house can actually break apart the decor of the room. But don’t you worry, we’ve got your back! There are several ways to infuse mirrors that are both stylish and functional. From expanding walls, and breaking visual clutter to amplifying light, mirrors, when placed strategically, can solve many decor dilemmas. Read on to know more about using mirrors in small spaces.

1. Use Mirrors in Awkward Spaces/Corners

Small spaces are often cursed with awkward corners. Take dramatic, sloping ceilings, for instance. In such cases, opt for mirrors, specifically cut to fit the space. This will help accentuate the decor in two ways – The custom-cut mirror will give the area a unique appeal while creating the illusion of space.

2. Use Mirrors on the Ceiling

One of the biggest pain points of living in a small space is the lack of wall space to work with. So, in case your walls are already occupied with artsy pieces, accessories, photos, and more, try installing a mirror on the ceiling. This will not only add height but also make the room appear brighter, brimming with luxe appeal.

3. Place a full-wall mirror to expand the space

We all know using a full-wall mirror is a great way to expand the square footage of any room. One of the few creative ways to use a full-wall mirror is: using multiple similar small-sized mirrors (in a grid-like pattern), and using large panels of antique mirrors (to help break up the reflection).

4. Add a mirror to a gallery wall, on a patterned wall, or into a shelf arrangement

Gallery-style art grouping has become quite a decor rage, these days. However, when implemented in a small space, it might make the area look claustrophobic. Here’s a trick: try adding a mirror in the grouping to create a visual breather. The same holds true when a mirror is placed over a wallpapered or textured wall. The mirror helps break the monotony of the space, lending it a breath of fresh air.

5. Place a mirror behind a light source

Be it a candle, a pendant light, a floor lamp, or even a chandelier. Placing a mirror behind a light source helps maximize the light’s reach. So, in case you have a room that could do with some extra light, think of installing a mirror behind a lamp to increase the brightness in the area. You can even think of placing the mirror next to the window to maximize the effect of natural light filtering in.

Happy decorating, peeps!