How To Hop Onto The Burgundy Bandwagon In Style!

Last updated on July 15th, 2023

Burgundy has oodles of sensual appeal, be it our lipstick shade or a strapless gown. But, why stop there when you can incorporate this gorgeous color into your home? Yes, this exciting shade is back with a bang. The burgundy color is opulence at its best. But what makes this gorgeous shade so appealing?

For starters, this shade has a lot of depth, and it is ideal for giving your space a touch of class and warmth. But, while this shade is the perfect choice for your décor, be warned. It takes a knack to find the right balance and nail the look. So, how do you get it right? Let’s find out what the experts have to say.

Use it Sparingly

Who could blame you for going all out with this gorgeous shade? However, a splash of burgundy on all your walls can be disastrous as you will be left with a gloomy, lifeless interior. So, remember, to bring out the best of this shade, moderation is the key. Your best bet is to let it rule on your accent wall and bring out its richness by adding lighter shades, such as beige or gray, on the rest of your walls, depending on your particular shade of burgundy. Gray or beige sofas work beautifully with this gorgeous shade. You can add a few solid color burgundy throw cushions to the mix to carry forward the shade on your accent wall.

For those of you who find this shade a bit too overwhelming, tone it down by using a lighter tint. Pair it with lighter shades of gray to achieve a magnificent look.

A Spot of Burgundy in Your Accessories

We love this shade. And it probably appeals to you too. But hey, going overboard with accessories in this dramatic color can kill your look. So, while you can introduce it in your cushions, wall art, or your pillows, make sure to let this dark shade mingle with lighter shades. Neutrals such as gray, beige, or off-white are great options as they bring out the richness of burgundy. To take it up a notch, add sea green accents to your decor. This combination has out-of-this-world appeal.

Abstract art in burgundy is ideal to go with the accessories. But, hold your horses. If you have a burgundy wall, then resist the temptation to add more burgundy to your walls. Let your burgundy artwork rule the roost on your gray walls instead.

Vintage Vibe with Burgundy

What can be better than a vintage vibe to offset your burgundy look? A vintage cabinet and some leggy chairs reminiscent of the mid-1900s are the perfect balance for your modern home décor. You can also achieve this look by adding a burgundy chair to your décor.

Old furniture stores or flea markets are the perfect places to get your hands on a vintage table or cabinet. Or you can try to talk your grandma into parting with one of her unique pieces. However, straddling the vintage and the modern look can be tricky as it requires balance. So, if you are a novice and don’t know how to wing it, you can always ask the experts.

Color Pairings with Burgundy

Once you have decided on burgundy as your color of choice, it’s time to check out what colors will go best with this exuberant shade. Shades of gray, with a hint of green, are to die for. However, other gray shades work too. For a daring approach, add a velvet blue chair to the mix.

You can let the burgundy dominate your décor by livening up your accent wall. Or you can let it play a subdued role on your couch or accessories. For your bedroom, try burgundy bed linen, as the color may be a bit too stimulating for a peaceful space.

Final Say

Burgundy exudes charm and sophistication. This seductive color is sure to titillate your senses. If you have a yen for this shade but don’t know how to incorporate it into your existing home décor, you can give us a call. Or you can check out our tips on color in home décor on With the oodles of options, you will be spoilt for choice!