Is Your Outdoor Deck Ready for Guests?

Last updated on June 17th, 2023

Outdoor decks are a luxury by any measure. These spaces have so much to offer. Yet we often fall short in designing them. We put these spaces on the back burner for future design projects, and all they have to offer is a few plastic chairs and laundry fluttering in the breeze. Hardly a desirable look when you have company.

So, what are your outdoor deck designing options? Let’s take a look at all the possibilities.

Your seating options

Your seating arrangement is the focal point of your deck décor. Large spaces can house bulky wickerwork couches too. For smaller spaces, rustic benches and stylish chairs in wood or cane work wonders. Since it’s an outdoor space, it’s best to opt for materials that blend with the scenery. This means natural materials and earthy colors.

We suggest:

  • An awning and bamboo rolling blinds for furniture protection in the rainy season.

  • Polyurethane foam on your sofas and chairs.

  • Acrylic fabrics that don’t bleed when wet.

  • Mildew-proof materials.

  • Bean bags or floor cushions for a casual vibe.

A pergola

Pergolas define your space and give shelter from the elements too. You can have standalone structures or let them hug the building wall. These little heavens give a modicum of privacy and also add a cozy vibe when you have guests over.

We suggest:

Wooden supports and natural materials such as bamboo for the top.

Blue morning glory or bougainvillea vines so that they can twine themselves around the supports for added appeal.

A cozy seating arrangement under the pergola.

Strategically placed plants.

Spice it up with a few plants

What would an outdoor deck be without the help of Mother Nature? As there is plenty of sunlight in your space, your plants will thrive and add charm to the deck. Layer your plants, keeping the tall ones at the back, and finish with smaller pots near the base. Other options?

We suggest:

  • Shelves to house your plants.

  • Vertical gardens for your side walls.

  • A cluster of potted plants.

A word of warning. Plants and outdoors often spell mosquito menace. So, when you are entertaining, make sure to place mosquito repellent aids in the area so that your guests are not forced to retreat into your home.

Good lighting is essential

Your outdoor deck décor isn’t complete without proper lighting. And by lighting, we are not talking about the odd bulb striving to illuminate the space. You need to take out the big guns to take your décor up a notch. Your options?

We suggest:

  • Hanging paper lanterns. [You will have to remove these in the rainy season].

  • Let colorful fairy lights and bulbs dot your deck.

  • Garden lights for perfect boundary wall.

  • Scented candles for special occasions.

What colors should you opt for?

Mother Nature has a lovely palette of rich rusts, vibrant oranges, and yellows. You can take your pick for this shade card. You can pick a neutral shade for your upholstery and rotate your cushion cover shades depending on the season.

We suggest:

Play with the colors of one family to make an impact.

Layer your cushions in case you have a sizable couch on the terrace.

Throw in a rug

A rug will do wonders to bring your look together. Chose light rugs so that you can roll them up and put them away in unfavorable weather. Your options?

We suggest:

  • Dhurries for rustic appeal.

  • Coir matting to mimic nature.

Stone or wood flooring

To carry forward the nature theme, stone, and natural wood are ideal. While wooden flooring may need a bit of maintenance as it is open to the elements, the stone is hardy and resilient.

We suggest:

  • Kota stone as it offers a blend of refined and rustic.

  • Slate or terracotta for a gorgeous vibe.

Final thoughts

It’s easy to assume that these ideas are for people who have luxurious outer decks and terraces. But, you will be surprised that you can change the little nook in your balcony too, with a few interesting elements. This may be hard to get your head around. But then, that’s what we are here for. Contact us or log in to to find inspiration for small spaces.