Mastering The Art Of Selecting Or Designing The Perfect Kids’ Study Table

Last updated on September 26th, 2023

Studying and homework are rarely exciting activities. However, an appealing study table can encourage your child to perform better. This means considering factors such as ambiance and the age of the child. It’s also about ergonomics. A chair with curves in the right places will make it easier for them to sit for long hours without getting a backache.

Also, badly designed tables can affect a child’s posture negatively, something we all want to avoid. As such, a deep dive into the world of kid’s study tables is a must before you decide on a table.

A Comfortable Space

Young kids with a few sheets of homework can probably make do with a small table with a few shelves for art supplies, whereas older kids need more space as they have long study hours and lots of books. When there is a pile of junk on the table, studying for an exam can get challenging. So make sure there is enough room on the shelves for books, folders, and stationery.

Plenty of Storage

Whether your kid is young or in their teens, you will need plenty of storage for paper, art supplies, and books. Storage can be an extension of the table or a separate cabinet in the room. Open storage with cubby holes is ideal, as everything is handy. Also, it gives your child the opportunity to display their toys and books.

Pick a Table Suitable for Kids

Repurposing an adult writing desk or a console as a writing table can work. However, they may lack comfort. You need to take factors such as body size and age into consideration before choosing a table. The wrong size can affect a child’s growth pattern negatively. What’s more, there is a sense of ownership when you buy a table specifically for the child, and they will study better. As they grow older, you can switch to an adult-sized table. But for now, let them enjoy their childhood.

A Chair that Matches!

It’s child’s play to roll the computer chair to their table for studying. And it will save you the trouble of buying a new one. Alas! Only if life were that simple! While convenient, the wrong height is sure to strain the back and neck muscles. What’s more, a bit of fun with a fancy colored chair is what a child needs when they are young and enjoying the world of colors.

Let Your Kid Pick the Table

We know what our kids like. Most of the time, we pick their clothes and shoes, pushing aside their choices. We know better, we tell ourselves. However, once you give them a chance to voice their opinions, they learn about responsibility. Sure, you can guide them in the right direction. But let them know their voice is being heard. Also, where the table is concerned, let the child sit on the chair and check for comfort before you buy the product.

Bright Shades for Stimulation

Neutrals are trending. However, kids can do with a bit of energizing color in their spaces. It can be the color of the laminate, a graphic on the wall, or multicolored drawers to make things more interesting.

Be Innovative

Introduce innovation in your design by letting the table blend seamlessly into the room’s decor. Extending the bunk bed to shelving units and a writing table adds a fun element to the decor as the child has little nooks to play and study in. Expensive. But hey, childhood flies by. Why not let them enjoy it?

Summing Up

Life from a child’s perspective is refreshing, as they see things as they are. The best way to encourage their innocence is by filling their world with the joy of color and stimulation. For more tips on decorating for kids, check out Contact us today if you need a helping hand.