Summer’s Here! And So Are These Beautiful Colour Combinations You’ve Got To Try!

Last updated on May 23rd, 2022

Summer spells heat and humidity. However, it is also time to put on your strappy tops and frolic near the pool! Yes, it can get hot outside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the season at home too! And what better way to do this than by bringing fanciful summer colour combinations into your decor?

These beautiful color combinations for summer may as well be harbingers of good fortune and health! Let’s check out some wonderful color combinations this summer for a great new look!

Colour combination one – Sunny yellow with grey

Yellow is the embodiment of all that is bright and beautiful. This cheery color adds vibrancy and life to any decor. Does yellow seem over the top for your home? Well, it need not be. Like all beautiful color combinations for summer, yellow, when paired with grey, works magic on any interior decor.

You can go all out with sunny yellow on your accent wall and opt for grey on your bed linen or sofas. Or you can go soft with the yellow theme and go for grey walls. The yellow on your couch will bring out the yellow theme.

A tip? Go easy on the yellow!

Colour combination two – Blue and beige

The mystical blue of the sky and the pristine sands on the beach is summer at its best. Let the azure blues and the beige encompass your home in its cool hug. This color scheme lets you bring the ocean and the sand into your home in one majestic sweep.

A rich blue on the walls would amp your look. Accentuate the richness of this color by using tones of beige in your furnishings. To go a step further, bring elements of the sea into the decor. Shells maybe?

Colour combination three – Red and white

Red infuses warmth and passion. With its old-fashioned vibe, you can change your home’s decor with a few splashes of the rich red. Red energizes the scenery with the strength of its rich hue, something you need in the summer heat.

White brings balance to the color scheme and gives a soothing look to the decor. This intense color can work for your bedroom decor too!

Colour combination four – Green and beige

Bring the joy of a Caribbean summer into your home with green and beige. Green stands for vitality and brings harmony and balance into your home.

As this color stands for growth and fresh beginnings, what better way to accentuate this theme than by adding green energy to your decor? Yes, plants! Lots of them!

Depending on your mood, you can go for the jade green or emerald. Either way, beige is the perfect partner for this exuberant color.

Colour combination five – Orange and green

The beauty of this combination is breathtaking. Go for a rich olive green on the focal wall, combined with jade or pastel green sofas to carry these color schemes into your room. Orange will stand out as the accent color, bringing out the beauty of green. You can use orange in the throw cushions or on your area rug. A peachy orange would be delightful!

Colour combination six – Earthy brown and rust

These earthy tones never go out of style. There are many tints from which to choose. A nut brown with rust is an excellent choice. A splash of rust adds oomph to any decor when paired with brown and beige. To complete this decadent look, how about cane accessories? Sublime!

Colour combination seven – White with brown

White is virginal. And to bring out the purity of this color, what better color than brown? Dark brown wood furniture will accentuate this ethereal color. Just the thing you need in the summer heat!

Nature has a bounty of rich color schemes. By using seasonal colors in your home, you are in tune with nature and its glory. For more summer combinations, is your best bet.