Why White Walls Are The Best For Your Home

Last updated on May 5th, 2023

It can get challenging to find the perfect color for your walls; especially as the shade card has hundreds of delightful options. And with dark colors trending, it’s hard to zero in on an unimaginative color such as white.

However, is this shade as mundane as we would like to think? Or does it have subtle nuances that can take your home décor to the next level? The only way to get your answers is by checking out what this pristine color has to offer and how you can turn your home décor on its head with this amazing look. Let’s begin our journey of discovery and check out the advantages.

Illusion of Space

Dark colors shrink your space, while white walls make the room look bigger than it is. What’s more, this lovely shade gives your space an inviting look, and you won’t easily get bored with it. This is because you have a limited choice of accent colors when you can dark or pastel walls. With white, any color on the spectrum will do.

A Blank Canvas

With this wonderfully accommodating color, you can pick the theme you want. Be it contemporary, Scandinavian, or rustic, white will take these styles in its stride and take the look to the next level.

Natural Lighting

Natural light is a luxury in modern-age homes, what with towering buildings fighting for space on the cityscape. This makes white a desirable color as it reflects light, cutting down on your power consumption.

This Trend is Forever

Trends come and go, but white is here to stay. So, you don’t have to worry about the latest trends as your décor will always be in style.

Photogenic Color

Unless you go for a white-on-white look, which by the way; is to die for, you will have a stark contrast of shades against your white background. This will not only give you boasting rights but make your room Instagram-worthy.

Decorating Gets Easy

Without the restriction of colors, you can pick the furniture you like. What’s more, if your sofas are gray or beige, you can change your look at the drop of a hat; or should we say a few throw cushions and rugs; in a matter of minutes. Looking for some interesting accent colors? Try black, rust, or shades of peach if you want a soft touch.

White Walls Exude a Clean Vibe

While the thought of maintaining white walls makes you break out in a sweat, It’s not that big a deal. Most stains come off with the swipe of a wet sponge. However, it’s best to keep your crayon-happy kids away from the walls. Keep plenty of paper at hand to satisfy their artistic expression. And hey, your baby wipes are perfect for cleaning most stains.

Maintaining Your White Walls

Dark shades fade over time. Touching up spots or stains isn’t possible even when you use the same shade, as the patches will stick out like a sore thumb. With white paint, there is no question of fading, and you can touch up stains and dirt without having to redo the whole wall. Some cleaning tips:

  • Ask your vendor for easy-to-wash wall paint, so you can wipe off stubborn stains, too.

  • Take prompt action. Most stains are not difficult to remove if you act fast.

  • Position your couch and your cabinets a few inches away from the wall to avoid staining and friction.

  • Regular dusting and cleaning the surface of the walls will help you maintain their luster.

  • Body sweat and grime can stain the walls too. In places where there are more footfalls such as the passage or the kitchen entry area where people tend to trail their fingers, place a console or plant to avert staining. Floating shelves can help too.

Summing Up

White is the color of elegance and purity; a perfect choice for your home décor. Getting this shade right is a simple matter, as any shade goes with this pristine color. For tips on decorating with white, why not look us up on homebliss.in? We promise you oodles of home décor tips and tricks.