Absolutely Overdone Interior Design Trends

Last updated on June 30th, 2022

Interior design trends tell you a lot about the popular styles and colors doing the rounds globally. And, it’s easy to get on the bandwagon like everyone else and their uncle and parrot these styles.

You may end up with a home decor you can be proud of or you may get carried away and buy too much of a good thing. The result? You end up with trends that are past their sell-by date.

This list of interior design trends that have been overdone in the decade will help you put skid brakes on your shopping spree. Let’s check them out before you jump in at the deep end.

Faux leather couches and chairs

Leather sofas personify class and elegance. But, when you can’t get your hands on these delectable couches due to ethical or financial reasons, it’s so easy to settle for the second-best: faux leather.

Faux leather has been around for decades. However, it has its downside. It is not as stretchable as leather and doesn’t age beautifully as the original stuff does. So, is faux leather durable? Not particularly. It tends to tear easily, especially around the stitching lines.

Our take on this trend

Either go for natural leather or give it a pass.

Is boho-chic outdated?

Boho chic homes have a great fan following. This is hardly surprising as it has unbeatable charm and appeal. To achieve the look, it’s easy to use ceiling beams, brickwalls, wood furniture, and a whole lot of rustic paraphernalia that will bring the look home.

But, how much is too much? Current trends indicate distressed wood is losing its charm along with homes choc-a-block with rustic elements.

Our take on this trend

Designers suggest going for subtle rustic add-ons to the decor rather than going the whole hog.

Photo galleries for your wall

Every second home decor article will suggest you liven up your space with a picture gallery. And yes, it has been a design staple for decades. Maybe it’s time we took a step back from this ‘too many photo frames on the wall decor.’ For defined home decor, you need a bit of elegance.

Our take on this trend

A few artistically appealing paintings and frames will have a lot more impact than a cluster of been-there-done-that variety of prints.

Faux plants don’t impress

Any way you look at it, faux plants and flowers reek tastelessness. And we don’t have to look at interior design trends to tell us this. These imposters are found in many homes, trying their best to fit in without much success.

Our take on the trend

Natural flowers and plants are your best bet. If maintaining your plants seems like a chore, go for arrangements that have been fashioned from natural materials, such as dried arrangements.

Your brick wall may have lost its zing

With everyone getting in on the act, the word unique loses its meaning. Yes, brick walls look great. But you might want to rethink this overdone trend.

Our take on this trend

Opt for materials such as slate or rough-hewn stone if you must have this look on your focal wall, or go for wainscoting on your walls. The contrasting color on your wall paint will add a bit of pizzaz to the decor. While you are at it, do away with the whole embellished focal wall melodrama.

A look at some of the other overdone trends

You can’t reflect your personality by following the herd. You have to mark your own path. So, it’s best to avoid decor ideas that have been done to death in recent years, such as open shelves, too much DIY decor, and mirrors.

DIY decor is a reflection of your personality, but moderation is the key. You can add a few tasteful elements in strategic places in your room. But, when your home is bursting at the seams with these vignettes, it’s catastrophic.

Our take on these trends

DIY projects are avoidable. You can limit your use of mirrors to your vanity or your foyer console. The open shelves? Your kitchen can do with a few to house your crockery.

The verdict?

Trends have their place in home decor. But hey. You don’t want to be stuck with overdone design trends. However, getting the balance right can get confusing. After all, who’s to say what’s overdone or isn’t? Well, people in the know, such as homebliss have their finger on the pulse of trends. They will bail you out at the first sign of trouble.

Have fun making your house, a home, folks!