10 Novelty Ways To Store Your Knick-Knacks

Last updated on October 18th, 2021

Knick-knacks are small decorative ornaments – some have aesthetic appeal, while you keep some around for their sentimental value. From sports memorabilia to travel souvenirs, tickets, and mementos, these baubles may hold some of the happiest and most beautiful memories for you. And in many ways, they can reflect your personality too.

You may feel that displaying knick-knacks in your home is important. While that’s true, if not done right, these trinkets can make things feel cluttered and unkempt. And we don’t want that, do we?
Having said that, getting rid of these sentimental tokens can be challenging. So what do you do? Well, you store them in a way that brings your home together without making it look messy or cluttered!

Let’s look at ten of the best ways to show off your precious knick-knacks with flair and without cramping your decorating style!

1. Bookshelves – not just for books

The many compartments of a bookshelf are perfect for displaying your knick-knacks. And since bookshelves come in numerous styles and colors, finding one that suits your style won’t be difficult. You can arrange your collectibles along with the books, with dedicated sections for each, or display a mix of both books and knick-knacks.

2. Let glass jars be your new BFFs

Glass jars and DIY projects go hand in hand. They also play an integral part in home decor. Place your tiny trinkets in these and add a cozy element to your living space. Attractive jars will not only keep your knick-knacks in one place, but they will also add a visual appeal to the whole room. Want to jazz things up a little bit? Add other colorful elements to the jars and brighten things up!

3. Let’s get quirky with cork boards

Movie and concert tickets, posters, postcards, and other sentimental tokens can pile up and look messy. Hang up a corkboard on a wall and display your favorite paper memories.

4. Shelves. Shelves. And a lot of shelves.

Floating wall shelves, display shelves, corner shelves – these magical furniture pieces can help you organize and showcase your favorite trinkets with pride. A double win!

You can install these shelves in rooms and strategic corners of your home. Style your knick-knacks with some accent pieces or photo frames to give them your unique touch.

5. Get shadow boxes to house special memories

Shadow boxes can be a fun and creative way for you to collect and display your knick-knacks. Collect trinkets from a particularly memorable trip or occasion and curate a shadow box for it. For example, a shadow box can hold a sea shell from a beach trip or a unique rock, along with some pictures from the trip. The possibilities are endless!

6. Style those side tables

Side tables are yet another great medium to flaunt your knick-knacks from. Place a stylish-looking trinket tray along with some candles, and you are all set!

7. Stack them up

Put your knick-knacks on a stack of books or any magazine and trust us, these unexpected and modern additions will add more character to your coffee tables and nightstands!

8. Storage boxes, duh!

Multipurpose storage boxes are one of the easiest ways to store knick-knacks! But when we say storage boxes, don’t think of plain Jane cardboard ones! Instead, you can go crazy with wired, tin, jute, or cloth boxes. With so many aesthetic options available in the market, you can surely find ones that match your interiors, and even elevate them!

9. Two words: furniture storage

Putting your treasured knick-knacks on display feels great, sure. But sometimes, you may want to hide a few things, especially ones that aren’t adding to the aesthetic. Enter: ottomans and benches with storage! Storage-enabled furniture can hold a ton of stuff: old books, clothes, showpieces that you don’t want to part with, and yet add a stylish look to the room.

Out of sight, yes – but never out of mind. How about that?

10. How about letting a display cabinet do what it does best!

These specialized glass cabinets with metal or wooden frameworks are one of the most obvious yet appealing ways to store your knick-knacks. You could even combine some novelty tips from above to style your curios and trinkets. Fill these cabinets with all things loved and precious and invoke your guests’ ‘curio’-sity.

Use these storage ideas to store and beautifully showcase your treasured knick-knacks. Let these sentimental tokens tell your story without cluttering your home, with a touch of originality and a whole lot of love!