Dual Tone Sliding Wardrobe Ideas to Light up Any Bedroom

Last updated on July 14th, 2022

Gone are the days when storage solutions meant a range of bulky cupboards and almirahs. Today’s interiors have elegant wardrobes of various shapes and sizes. These are crafted from a variety of materials, including wood, metal and even leather.

Such wardrobes can be free-standing or built-in. Free-standing wardrobes have the advantage of flexibility. You can move them easily if you decide to refurbish them. Replacing them is also convenient.

On the other hand, built-in wardrobes make optimum use of the space available. You can choose or design one to your specifications. They can be a better match for interiors because you can select from a variety of colours and finishings.

Another choice is between hinged or sliding doors. With hinged doors, you have the advantage of accessibility. All the contents of your wardrobe will be visible with the doors open. However, sliding doors are the more contemporary option. On a practical level, they can save you space in the bedroom.

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Here are some helpful tips for choosing and maintaining a sliding door wardrobe.

1. Ensure that the sliding mechanism is smooth. The wheels and channels should be kept clear of obstructions.

2. Adding a mirror to the door saves you space, and will enhance the depth of the bedroom.

3. To avoid gaps when the wardrobe is fitted, make sure that the room measurements are precise.

4. Depending on the interiors of your bedroom, you can choose smoked glass, metal, wood and more, in many shades.

This brings us to one of the most attractive aspects of sliding door wardrobes: their designs. Many people choose dual tones designs to complement the tones of their bedrooms. Here are some of the most appealing combinations.

1. Beige and Brown

The appeal of both these neutral colours is enhanced when they are combined. A rich, wooden brown shade goes perfectly with a laminate panel in beige. It’s both soothing as well as classy.

Beige and Brown Wardrobe

2. Red and Brown

When dark red meets brown accents, the result is dramatic yet controlled. This is a choice that can look sleek as well as tasteful.

Red and Brown Wardrobe

 3. White and Brown

White is always popular for built-in wardrobes because it is sophisticated and elegant. You can enhance the appeal with brown stripes. It’s streamlined and chic.

White and Brown Wardrobe

4. Cream and Brown

Cream is another one of those neutral colours that are pleasing and relaxing. It goes well with any décor. Combine cream with brown borders and handles, and you have a winning choice.

Cream and Brown Wardrobe

5. Peach and Grey

Peach is one of those unusual and refreshing colours that should really be used more in interiors. Make a start with a peach wardrobe that comes with classy grey borders. It’s perfect for a dash of energy and playfulness.

Peach and Grey Wardrobe

6. Dusky Pink and Brown

Like peach, dusky pink is another one of those distinguished colours that can uplift an interior. For your wardrobe, you can match this with refined brown or grey. The result will be refined and memorable.

Pink and Brown Wardrobe

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