WardrobeWise: Wood Veneer Or Laminate?

Last updated on October 27th, 2023

At the best of times, it’s easy to get lost in a deluge of laminate and veneer samples. And while we battle with color and texture choices, the thought niggles. Am I making the right choice for my wardrobe? Is laminating a better option when the veneer looks so good? Well, everything has its pros and cons. To make an informed decision, it’s best to arm yourself with information about fading colors, longevity, and appeal before you plunge in.

To make your job easier, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of laminates and veneers with this compilation. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

What is Veneer?

Veneer is fashioned from thin natural wood layers sourced from trees and then compressed onto sheets of plywood to make a sturdy material that emulates natural wood.

What it has going for it

  • It comes from nature, so no two sheets will have the same grains, making it an appealing option. It is made from wood, looks like natural wood, and you don’t have to pay a bomb for it.

  • You can stain the veneer any hue you want. What’s more, down the line, you can sandpaper the surface and pick a fresh hue for the wardrobe, giving it a brand-new look.

  • As it’s a natural material, it’s renewable and better for the environment. As veneer lasts around 15 years, you get your money’s worth.

So. What’s the downside?

  • It is not heat-resistant.

  • There is a limitation as far as colors and designs are concerned, as it’s natural.

  • Veneer is not waterproof, an advantage laminates have. You can combat this by applying a coat of melamine to the surface.

  • Veneer is a natural, soft material and easily scratched. But, if the scratches are superficial, they can be sanded and repolished to their pristine glory.

  • A good artisan well-versed in the use of veneers is essential so that there are no polish bubbles on the surface.

  • As we deal with a thin layer of wood on plywood, the polish will wear off over time. But you can always repolish for a brand-new look.

What are Laminates?

Laminates are synthetic materials manufactured in factories. Using intense pressure, the decorative paper is bonded with plastic resins to produce laminates. The printed paper is then coated with a see-through plastic sheet to protect the surface.

What they have going for them

  • These sheets are hardy, very durable, scratch resistant, and waterproof.

  • There is a vast range of colors and patterns to choose from, something that is not possible with veneers. This includes textures, metallic, wood, silk, or leather finish.

  • Laminates are easily maintained. You can clean the surface with a damp sponge and some soap.

  • Laminates are budget-friendly and last around 10 years.

  • A point to note: Fingerprints and smudges are easily visible in glossy finish laminates on your wardrobe. If you don’t want the bother of wiping the surface regularly, go for matte-finish laminates instead.

What’s the downside?

  • Like veneers, laminates are not heat-resistant. Proximity to heat can damage the surface of your built-in wardrobe.

  • Laminates have an artificial, plasticky look to them. And they can get monotonous as all the sheets have the same print.

  • Laminates are not eco-friendly as plastic resins are used in the manufacturing process. Also, they are not bio-degradable and will ultimately end up in landfills.

  • The corners of your wardrobe are prone to chipping on impact. These are difficult to repair, and you may end up changing all the laminates.

So, What’s the Verdict?

  • Laminates are perfect when you have time limitations, as they can be installed in a very short time.

  • For children’s rooms and modern homes, laminates are a better bet for your wardrobe as they offer a wide variety of colors and textures.

  • Laminates are easy to maintain when compared to veneers.

  • Laminates are very affordable, and this isn’t true for veneers.

  • While laminates win hand down on many levels, veneers are your best bet if you want the charm and elegance of natural wood.

Last Words

At the end of the day, it’s about what appeals to you, and what suits your lifestyle. And hey, we are always there to walk you through your options. Just visit homebliss.in and get surprised!