Do You Really Need A Closet Island?

Last updated on July 18th, 2022

One of the main pain points of home organization is the closet. Clothes are the most abundant category for most of us in terms of our possessions. A closet takes care of this category in terms of storage. However, if you have limited closet space in your home or if you own more clothes than your closet can handle, it is a problem that needs to be tackled on priority. Here’s where closet islands come to the rescue.

A closet island is a standalone piece of furniture that can be installed in your closet. It comes with additional storage in terms of drawers, shelves, and dividers. It also provides an extra surface that can come in handy inside a closet. Furthermore, it is similar to a kitchen island in the sense that it creates more space in smaller areas.

Now that we know what a closet is let’s look at its pros and cons to figure out if you really need a closet island in your home.

Advantages of having a closet island

You get more storage

A lot of times, the inbuilt closets in a home are insufficient to handle all your storage needs. Especially in apartments and smaller houses, this problem is a very common one. In spaces like these, installing a closet island can give you that extra storage space that will make your closet look neat and organized.

An additional surface in your closet

Strangely enough, closets rarely come with plain surfaces that allow you to put your outfits or iron them. A closet island can cure both of these problems without having to spring for a separate ironing board and a dresser.

Allows for multipurpose use

A closet can cater to more than just your clothes if there are proper divisions in place. A closet island can double up as your accessories or jewelry drawer. It can also hold all your makeup or act as your medicine cabinet. If you’re using your main closet to hold all your clothes, the island can be dedicated to socks and underwear, shoes, and other smaller items.

Home for all your belongings

Having a home for every single thing you own is the secret trick to mastering home organization. Because of its multiple uses, a closet island will let you provide a dedicated space for each of your belongings and keep your home looking spick and span.

Gives your closet a character

Not every home has a closet island, and this is where you can get creative with your closet. Adding an island can give your closet a distinct personality.

Disadvantages of having a closet island

Eats up floor space

In modern homes, the layout is very efficiently planned. In order to save space, the closets that are provided are usually compact. They are just wide enough to let you navigate through your items of clothing and store them well. In such scenarios, installing a closet will eat up that precious floor space. This minimizes the area floor area in your closet and makes it look further compact and stuffy.

Encourages hoarding

Since closet islands give you extra storage space, sometimes it may be more than you actually need. In order to fill that empty space, you might be tempted to own more items of clothing, accessories, and jewelry. This will max out your closet space and bring you back to square one. This unending loop encourages unnecessary hoarding without actually providing a substantial solution for your organizational needs.

Makes the closet seem cluttered

Installing a closet island in smaller closet spaces can make that room seem smaller and cluttered. While it may keep all your belongings neat and organized, it can make your room feel heavy due to all the excess furniture. It can mess up your closet arrangement by posing as a hindrance to reaching the shelves located around the closet island.

Closet islands can solve your storage issues and come in really handy if you have the space for them. Based on the listed pros and cons, you can decide if closet islands are the right fit for you. If you’re looking for more closet and home organization ideas, you’ll find a complete guide on the Homebliss blog at!