Store Smart With These Clever Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Last updated on February 13th, 2023

Managing your kitchen can be a stress-free job if everything is organized. With so many ingredients and supplies to manage, it can be daunting to figure out where to start. Your kitchen pantry is a good place, to begin with!

By storing smartly, you’ll be able to better manage all the activities in your kitchen. Here are 8 smart storage ideas for your kitchen pantry:

Hang your produce

In addition to serving a practical purpose, hanging baskets also contribute an intriguing design element that draws the eye upward. To hang your baskets, make sure the hook is sturdy and aware of its weight restriction (which is typically noted on the product’s package). Hanging baskets are excellent places to store apples, bananas, onions, potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables, though you shouldn’t store melons there. You may even buy separate hanging baskets for your vegetables and fruits.

Baskets go a long way

Food should be kept inside baskets to quickly access it when cooking or searching for a light snack. You will not have to rummage through each and every shelf that way to find what you need. Even baskets with rails are available for purchase, making it simple to pull them in and out. Additionally, you can store more stuff by placing several baskets vertically inside one cabinet space.

Optimize your floor space

You may think about how you will accommodate it all on your shelves when you organize your pantry. Remember that the floor of your pantry serves as an additional shelf. Put big baskets on the ground, but stay away from storing anything loose because it will inevitably become a mess and add to the unwanted clutter.

Use open shelving for display

You can view everything you have more clearly with open shelving. Additionally, you can exhibit your possessions as valuable decorations. Open shelving looks excellent with mason jars loaded with bulk dry products, but avoid putting out snacks with loud, eye-catching packaging that can make your room appear too crowded.

Store your snacks in an easily reachable place

If you have young children who are constantly on the go, be sure to provide them with simple grab-and-go foods that they can access. They’ll learn more about how to feed themselves and less time complaining to their moms about being hungry. This is not only a great storage hack but also a great parenting tip! Encourage your young ones to be more self-reliant by storing snacks in places that are easily reachable for them.

Bring in a little bit of nature!

Plants improve the quality of the air and lift your spirits. Your pantry will come alive with greenery, adding a beautiful decorative element. While this isn’t an organizing tool, it’s a terrific method to freshen up the area.

If your pantry or kitchen is without a window, look for houseplants with lower light requirements. Plants like aloe vera, money plant, snake plant, monstera, ferns, etc., are great options for house-friendly plants. Alternatively, you can add a few fake plants that require no maintenance but still manage to spruce up your space.

Hang your knives and utensils on magnetic strips

By hanging knives and other metal culinary equipment, such as ladles and spatulas, on a magnetic strip in your pantry, you can free up space in your drawers. Most culinary supply stores sell these useful strips. If you’re worried your house guests might feel intimidated by a shelf full of sharp knives, store them in the pantry or another room. Also, make sure that children and dogs cannot access them.

Baking ingredients belong together

Ingredients for baking, such as flour and sugar, should be kept separate in airtight containers with labels. Keep all your baking ingredients close to one another when arranging your pantry. You won’t have to waste time looking for certain things when you are prepared to bake homemade chocolate chip cookies because you will be able to swiftly acquire everything you need.

Summing Up

By storing things efficiently in your pantry, you can avoid unnecessary chaos and your future self will thank you! Store smartly by using the tips mentioned in this article. There are many more articles on Homebliss that tackle the kitchen and pantry; check them out!