Sink In Style: Why Workstation Sinks Are the Hottest Kitchen Upgrade Of The Year

Last updated on August 25th, 2023

Stirring up a storm in the cooking pot is not a favorite hobby for most of us. In fact, getting up from the couch and walking to the kitchen is challenging sometimes. To make life easier, we are always on the hunt for cooking tools and appliances that cut the job in half.

Well, we hear you. And we would like to explore the hottest trend in kitchen appliances that may just be what the doctor ordered. Yes, we mean the workstation kitchen. But before we decide, let’s find out more about workstation kitchens and if it is worth the effort to get one.

Workstation Sinks, Defined

There are chances that this is the first time you have heard of it. Well, with new trends and tools making an appearance every other day, who can blame you? To put it simply, the workstation sink is a smart solution, especially if you are short on space. The modular set of tools, such as the drying rack, the colander, and the chopping board, are designed to fit into your sink, thereby giving you space you generally don’t use.

Think of it as a Swiss army knife. The different sections of this workstation play their role in unison, making your work easier. You will probably burn fewer calories as you don’t move around so much. But you can’t have everything, can you?

How Do Workstation Sinks Function?

For one, these workstation sinks are deeper than the standard fare. Typically, workstation sinks have a top-mount, an under-mount, or an apron design. The mounting ledge runs around the top rim of the sink. The ledge is ideal for setting the cutting board, the colander, and the drainer, making the processing of washing, cutting, and draining simpler. There is also a grate at the bottom where you can stack your dishes without the drain getting blocked. This way, you don’t have to empty the sink when you wash veggies. What’s more, the grid prevents damage to the sink base. There are many variations of this basic design.

So, take out your measuring tape and note down the dimensions before you make a purchase.

What Are the Pros?

The workstation promises a lot of advantages. Let’s check them out:

  • More counter space as you will be using the sink area as your prep station. This gives you more space for your pots and pans. To do the dishes, just stow away the workstation knick-knacks under the sink.

  • As the sinks are deeper, there is more space for your dirty dishes after meals. All you need to do is cover the sink with your cutting board for a neat look till washing time.

  • It cuts down on the chances of cross-contamination, as uncooked meat contains deadly bacteria. The designated chopped board for veggies will reduce any such risk.

  • You can customize the apparatus by selecting items that you need or don’t need.

  • It cuts the clutter on the countertop, giving your kitchen a neat look.

What’s the Downside?

  • Workstation sinks don’t come cheap, so be ready to burn a hole in your pocket. A colander and a large chopping board may do the same job without the fancy trappings of a stylish workstation sink.

  • You can add accessories from the same vendor as other brands may have different dimensions. This can put a spanner in the works when you find an appealing accessory from a different brand.

  • Stowing away the workstation sink accessories after cleanup can be difficult, especially if you have a small kitchen.

Our Thoughts

Sure, these workstation sinks can give a streamlined appearance to your kitchen. And they do make the job a lot easier. But are they worth the money spent? The jury is out on this one. And hey, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Getting feedback for friends who have one will help you decide. For more kitchen and home decor-related ideas, check out This is where ideas are created.