How To Make Your Bathroom Spa-Like Without A Bathtub!

Last updated on March 24th, 2023

Think again if you believe a tub is necessary to create a lovely, upscale atmosphere in your bathroom. Even with a shower, you may design the bathroom of your dreams. There is no better time to level up the restroom now, especially because Pinterest predicts elevated showering routines will be popular this year.

Here are six ways to create a spa-like bathroom in your home!

Keep your bathroom neat

Maintaining a clean, well-kept bathroom will do wonders. After putting the sprays away, beautify your environment with a few essential accessories. Incorporate natural elements into your bathroom decor, whether it’s a potted plant or a bouquet. Remember to run a load of laundry and stock your space with recently laundered linens. Having fresh towels close at hand and at the ready feels so opulent. Grab bath linens instead of ordinary towels to take the experience to the next level.

Display products perfectly

Pay attention to how you arrange your various bath goods in the room to give your bathroom a slightly spa-like appearance. Keep messes hidden from countertops. Arrange them so you don’t have to stress yourself out by sifting through the clutter under your sink. Display perfume bottles while transferring less attractive objects into jars that better suit your style. And don’t be hesitant to load up on many pampering items. Even if you don’t have a bathtub, you can scrub in the shower with bath salts. Place them in a lovely bowl in the bathroom for a spa-like touch.

Glow up with lighting and candles

Add candles and fragrant scents to your bathroom for a genuinely spa-like atmosphere before changing the lighting. Use warm natural illumination instead of chilly fluorescent lighting in your overhead and vanity lights. By replacing the fixtures, you can also give your bathroom a completely new feel. Sconces and chandeliers can be used to set the ambiance or accomplish a specific task in an aesthetically designed bathroom.

Add a small seating

If there is room in your bathroom, consider adding a small furniture item adjacent to the shower,just like you would find one at a hotel. It can be a little pedestal table with a vase of flowers or a basket filled with towels on top. You can also add a small chair to sit on while you do your skincare or finish your body care routine.

Think about a shower bench

If you have the space, you can consider a shower bench. Adding a seat to your shower can simplify lathering up and shaving. Even if built-in options are really luxurious, you may still need to finish a construction job to accomplish this setup. Include a teak bench or stool in the shower. It is also helpful if you have kids or older adults in the home who can use a shower bench well.

Reassess your present shower

Consider installing a rain shower system if you can do a slightly more extensive project. The sensation of sitting in the rain contributes to the spa atmosphere. A steam shower is also possible if the project’s scope permits it. Or you can simply get a new showerhead. Including several sprays from the shower’s sides or ceiling is also a good idea. Having a portable spray is also helpful if nothing else.

Whether working with a brand new bathroom or simply tweaking your existing one, it is possible to transform it into a spa-like ambiance! Use the tips in this article to create a sanctuary in the comfort of your own home. For more design and organization tips related to home, browse the wide range of blog posts on the Homebliss website!