Get Inspired: 20 Planter Ideas That Will Make Your Day!

Last updated on November 6th, 2020

Plants are extremely beautiful décor elements, whether used indoors or outside of our homes. And when you team them up with quirky and creative planters, their beauty gets enhanced manifolds!

plastic bottle holderCourtesy: Chung cu

Explore with us 20 crazily quirky planter ideas that you’ll want to try soon as you finish reading this!

1. An Old Bathtub Or A Mini-Garden?

Courtesy: Amazing Interior Design

2.  Upcycled Plastic Bottle Planters

9d3ddd5643fafa9bf2afaf516f8f67eeCourtesy:  Try not laughs

3. Bamboo Planters

b85b0dfcf225f6a42c43de36a604a42fCourtesy: smell the flowers blog

4. Shoe Planters

b-92833_e408fa953dCourtesy: BLAND

5.  A Unique Bicycle Planter

bicycle planterCourtesy: Home Design

6. Birdcage Planters

birdcage plantersCourtesy: bighappybackyard

7. A Plant In A Book

book planterCourtesy: Jessica Wolkoff

8. Planters On Chairs

chair planterCourtesy: Alfa img

9. Cinder Block Planter

cinder block garden planterCourtesy: Home Interior Decorating Ideas

10. Colorful Crate Planters

crate planterCourtesy: Airjordan

11. Kitchen Equipment Transformed Into A Planter

d923f8b50e8a1665f531fdfa2c386d7aCourtesy: funky junk interior

12. Dresser As A Planter

dresser planterCourtesy: HGTV

13. A Pallet Board Planter

pallet board planterCourtesy: The Gardening

14.  A Photo Frame Planter

photo frame wall planterCourtesy: Goin Native

15. A Piano Or A Planter?

piano-garden-flowers-planterCourtesy: Idees And Solutions

16. Boots As Cute Planters

rainboot plantersCourtesy:Wazzadu  

17. Desk As A Planter

study desk planterCourtesy: HGTV

18. Tire Planter

tire planterCourtesy: Quelle

19. An Umbrella Planter

umbrella-garden-ideas-2Courtesy: astroula

20. Wine Bottle Planters

wine bottle planterCourtesy: Kitchen