How To Take Instagram-Worthy Pics Of Your Home With Your Phone

Last updated on June 22nd, 2022

If you love decorating your home and sharing pictures of it, then you would know how important having a good camera and the right photography skills can be, to doing justice to your beautifully done-up home. And how, a poorly clicked picture can take away the stunning beauty of a setting, instantly. And effortlessly.

But don’t you worry. Just follow these 5 simple steps, straight from the experts and take ‘like-worthy’ pictures of your home like an Instagram pro using nothing but your cellphone!

Get Super-Comfortable With Your Phone

Even if we do use our phones quite a bit, more often than not, we may not be aware of many of their built-in features, some of which can help enhance the quality of the pictures we take. So, take out a good amount of time and get familiar with every feature your phone camera has to offer. This way, when that ‘Kodak moment’ arrives, you’ll be well-equipped to capture it!

Play With Light

Once you finish choosing your subject, pay attention to where the light is falling on it from. Longer shots can look dramatic with lots of direct sunlight and if you’re working on portraits and close-ups, softer lighting would look more flattering.

Experiment With Angles

Don’t be afraid to try crazy new angles to take photos from. Move, bend or crouch down low, until you like what you see. It helps to use the gridlines feature on your phone to keep the horizon straight, no matter what your angle is. Which takes us to the first step. Know your phone well!

Tell The Eye A Story

Think of what you want to show your viewer. What would you like for them to see first? Guide their eyes and lead them gently. Use depth to your advantage, or a frame within a frame – like something close to the lens on a side to gently lead the viewer into the setting. You can change the perspective even after you’ve clicked the picture by blurring parts of the image or changing the focus.

Keep Varying Your Style

Once you start getting good at certain shots, it’s easy to get stuck taking the same kind of shots again and again. It’s important to remember though, that great photography has a lot to do with experimenting. Keep your style from getting stale. Mix those close-ups with the bold, long shots. Try them all with different lights. Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.

Happy clicking!