Mom-Hacks To Make Your Home Look Nice Effortlessly

Last updated on June 22nd, 2023

Getting our heads around cleaning projects can be hard, especially when the weather is hot and humid. Often, we convince ourselves that we will attack the clutter tomorrow. Alas, we come up with another excuse the next day. A few weeks down the line, the clutter becomes a part of our identity, and we don’t notice it anymore.

Research says a well-organized space has a positive impact on the way we feel. But, is it possible to tackle this gargantuan task without putting in too much effort? Let’s examine a few mom-hacks for effortless neatness.

A Well-made Bed

There is nothing more off-putting than an unmade bed. What’s more, once you make the bed, you will be surprised to see that your home looks a lot neater; never mind the scattered toys and shoes. The trick is to tuck in the sheets neatly. And hey, it doesn’t take extra time to make sure your sheets are aligned and crease-free. For added impact, get some plump pillows and attractive throw cushions for your bed.

Chairs are for Sitting on

Your clean laundry belongs in the wardrobe, not on your comfy chair. What’s more, sitting on your clothes is a disaster in the making, as you will have a tough time ironing out the creases later on. To make the task easier, fold your clothes while watching TV. It’s easy to put your clothes away before you retire for the night.

If worn clothes need airing, hang them up on hooks behind the door. And for dirty laundry, there is always the hamper in the bathroom.

Tackle Clutter Hotspots

Places such as the coffee table, the kitchen island, or the console in the foyer are hotbeds for clutter. So, how do you address this issue? Take a look at these points:

  • Identify the clutter hotspots

  • Invest in wicker storage baskets for your keys, cell phone chargers and TV remotes for a neat and appealing look

  • Encourage your kids to put their used cups and plates in the sink to washing

  • Wipe off the kitchen counter after cooking activity for a neat look

  • Use a hamper for old newspapers and magazines

  • Plan for a shoe rack, so the kids don’t trail mud into your home

A Place for Everything

Finding school bags and shoes can be challenging with the clock ticking away. A sectional organizer is a good option to make your life simpler. This can be a part of your foyer cabinetry, the hall closets, or the children’s room. For tiffin boxes and water bottles, empty some cabinet space in the kitchen for easy access. If all else fails, get pleasing plastic hampers for your paraphernalia.

Wall of Fame

A tack board in the kitchen or the children’s room is ideal for impromptu artwork. This not only discourages them from using your walls as a blank canvas, but also gives them a sense of achievement to see their work pinned on the board. An organizer for their paper and crayons is essential. You can inculcate neatness in your kids by encouraging them to put away their crayons and paints after a project.

Colorful Bins for Toys

Bins are great organizers for toys. It’s a simple matter to toss the toys into the bin when kids are done playing with them. To make the job easier, put a bin in the living area too. A wicker basket will add to the ambiance and save you the trouble of carrying toys to the kid’s room.

And hey, make sure you segregate the toys as per size. Searching for Lego pieces in a cluster of larger toys can be a nightmare, especially with your kid throwing a tantrum for it. While you are at it, make cleaning up a fun activity for the family. You can do this by singing a ‘clean up’ song as you clear the clutter.

Last Thoughts

The trick is to not let the clutter dominate you. Once you get the hang of cleaning as you go along, you will find that your home doesn’t need as much cleaning as you thought. For more cleaning and organizing hacks, check out our website, You can also look at some of our innovative design ideas while you are there.