Designers Vs Decorators: Deciphering The Difference

Last updated on September 25th, 2023

Most people tend to put the terms designing and decorating in the same box. And we can’t fault them for this. Unless you have done up your home or are interested in the subject, it’s easy to confuse the two.

So, what is decorating? And how is it different from designing? We can cut to the chase and tell you it’s a different set of skills. Or we can take it a step further and explain the difference between the two. We prefer to do the latter to allow you to make an informed decision. Let’s dive in!

What Do Interior Designers Do?

Before we discuss the role of the designer in your project, it’s important to find out more about their qualifications. Interior designing can be a bachelor’s or master’s degree course. Or it can be a quick-fix diploma course. Interior design students are trained in the technical aspects of designing. Ultimately, it’s the understanding of the subject and knack that make a good designer.

What this job entails

Designers are trained to build your home decor from scratch. That can include planning, partitions, taking dimensions, and interaction with carpenters and vendors to bring the project to completion.

On-site supervision is very much a part of their job. They will work their way through the wiring, the false ceiling, structural changes, paint, flooring, and plumbing before they start their business. They will help you pick the color scheme and the furniture, too.

Interior Decorator

When it comes to interior decorators, you will find many famous interior decorators who lack a formal education on the subject. As they have a deep understanding of aesthetics, they can pull surprising results from their bag of tricks. You will also find many homeowners who have managed to pull off excellent home decor, as they have an inborn sense of color and aesthetics. This is not to say that all interior decorators are unqualified. Far from it. Their formal training gives them a better sense of style and color.

What this job entails

Decorators help you decide on elements such as furniture, fabric, wall treatment, and accessories to beautify your home. They don’t have expertise in handling civil work such as bathroom tiling or kitchen countertops. So, if you have a shell that needs a bit of work, a decorator can transform your home into a heavenly space. Decorators are also great at giving your home a total revamp with your existing furniture.

So, What’s it Going to Be?

In India, the lines between decorators and designers are blurred. Moreover, contractors with no experience or knowledge may present themselves as decorators. Unlike the U.S., where interior designers work on the site themselves with their team, most designers in India depend on contractors to get the job done. That said, if you want to give your home a revamp, a decorator is your best bet. They will spruce it up with frills such as wallpaper and trimmings and select the right furniture for your home. Designers specializing in lighting can take your home decor to the next level with the perfect selection and positioning.

If you have moved into a new home or if your existing place needs structural changes, an interior designer is your best bet. Just by knocking a wall off, they can create magic in your home, as they have a vision. Once the structural work is completed, they may play the role of a decorator and complete your project, light fittings, and all. The same can not be said about a decorator, as they won’t be able to carry out structural work and may lack the vision an interior designer has.

Summing Up

Whether you pick a decorator or designer, credentials matter. A designer with great insight and years of experience will gently guide you through the process, making sure your voice is heard. As you spend the best part of your life at home, this decision is not to be taken lightly. has been in the business for years and has the expertise to give you the home you desire, at a budget that suits you. So, log in today and find out more.