Get Creative With Ceilings in Kids’ Bedrooms

Last updated on May 18th, 2022

As parents, we all want to give our kids the best there is. Which is why it isn’t a wonder that we spend a lot of time and energy in designing and decorating their room. We try and ensure that the kids’ room is comfortable, welcoming and inspires creative thinking for them to grow and blossom.

But oftentimes, the one area of the room that we end up completely ignoring is the ceiling of their room. Ceilings are important too, as they are the last thing a kid will see before he sleeps, and the first thing he would see when he wakes up.

Let’s have a look at a few ways we can create fun and exciting ceilings in our kids’ bedrooms.

When trying to select the design for the kid’s bedroom ceilings, we need to wear our creative thinking hats and spend some time to understand what the personality, likes, and dislikes of the kids are. What is it that they would like, and what themes they wouldn’t be happy with? And most importantly, whether it’s a boy’s room that you are decorating or a girl’s.

You will need to make sure that you steer clear of very dark colors as that will make the room look dark and smaller. You will also need to ensure that the ceiling is in harmony with the rest of the décor in the room. But that doesn’t mean that the ceiling needs to be of the same color as the rest of the room. Just make sure the colors used and the overall décor of the ceiling complement the décor of the room.

Let the ceiling be your canvas to design a fantasy world for your child, from the land of fairies to the deep blue of the mysterious universe.

If you’re decorating for a boy, the dominant color in his room would be blue, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need to stick to the blue color for the ceiling. You can use many complementing colors like yellow, orange, or green and create the deep-sea world, jungle safaris or planets, and outer space.
For girls, on the other hand, you can use soft pastel shades and use colors like pink, lavender, purple, etc. bringing to life scenes from their princess stories.


Finally, the kind of lighting that you decide to use will also greatly impact how the ceiling is highlighted. You can choose from a wide range of LED lights, and lights shaped like characters from children’s stories to fit in with the overall theme of the kids’ room.

Hope you liked these ideas to give your kids’ imagination a space to soar! Happy decorating, everyone!