How Good Are Black Stainless Steel Appliances For Your Kitchen?

Last updated on September 1st, 2022

A kitchen is the heart of any home, making it extremely important to design it well. There are multiple ways to spice things up in the interior design department. One of the surest ways is to invest in high-quality and aesthetically pleasing kitchen appliances as they are used daily. If you’re a fan of a classic and sophisticated look, then opting for black stainless steel appliances can be the ultimate choice.

Going all black, especially in the kitchen, comes with advantages and disadvantages. Let’s consider them one by one to determine if black stainless steel appliances are the right choice for your kitchen.

Pros of using black stainless steel appliances:

1. Simple and timeless

If you want something timeless in your kitchen, black is the way to go. We buy kitchen appliances with the hope that they will last us a long time. However, if you want to look trendy, your kitchen appliances will eventually go out of fashion – we know how trends come and go. But if you spring for black stainless steel appliances, they will always remain in trend due to their timelessness. Not just that, they will also add a touch of simplicity to your kitchen and make it look modest and humble.

2. Can match any theme

Black is one of the few colors that can match any other theme. All color combinations go well with black. When you have all-black stainless steel appliances, it creates a coherent theme in your kitchen and ties all your appliances together. This leaves room for creativity in the rest of the kitchen, where you can play with decor themes as per your liking. Due to the matching black stainless steel appliances, even if you change up the rest of the kitchen interiors, it will still go with the new interior style.

3. Easy to clean

The biggest perk of black stainless steel appliances is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel appliances usually require special cleaning supplies to clean them. Compared to standard stainless steel appliances, black appliances have a special coating. This makes them almost smudge-proof while also making them easier to clean. Just use a little bit of warm water and a kitchen rag with some kitchen cleaner to get the job done. The only thing to remember is to avoid using abrasive cleaners, as they can cause the coating to come off.

Cons of using black stainless steel appliances:

1. Difference in coatings

The downside of opting for coated stainless steel appliances is that there can be a difference in their coatings. If you buy various appliances from different manufacturers, it might be possible that the black coatings won’t match. The coatings can differ in their matte finishes or even their shade of black. They won’t pass as a set when kept in the same room. This difference is usually easily noticeable and makes your kitchen look odd.

2. Can make the kitchen look dark

It’s widely known that black absorbs light. Many black stainless steel appliances around the kitchen will create several of these light-absorbing pockets, making your kitchen look dark and dingy. A kitchen needs to be well-lit as it is one of the most functional areas of the house. If you don’t have a spacious kitchen that gets a lot of natural light, going down the road of black stainless steel appliances may not be the best choice in this case.

3. Marks and scratches are visible

Because the black finish of the appliance is ultimately a coating, any deep scratches or marks will cut through the coating, revealing the metallic part inside. This will create an eye sore in your kitchen and instantly make the appliance less appealing.

Final Thoughts 

Opting for black stainless steel appliances can be determined by several factors. This is because of how they function in different interior themes! However, it is ultimately a matter of personal preference and style. To learn more about such appliances, browse the Homebliss blog.