Get These 5 Important Things For Your Bedroom Today

Last updated on August 5th, 2023

Your bedroom is your hidey-hole, the perfect place to get away from the worries of the world. But, are you sure it ticks all the boxes when it comes to style, comfort, and ambiance? If you need a moment to think this over, then chances are, your bedroom needs a makeover.

To get it right, check out these 5 bedroom must-haves to make your journey to a gorgeous bedroom easier.

Must-Have One: A Great Accent Chair

There is something about an easy chair in the corner of your bedroom that oozes style and sophistication. It is perfect for curling up with a book when your partner has retired for the night, or a hot cup of cocoa on a rainy afternoon. You can squeeze into another chair if space allows and enjoy a game of chess or Scrabble with your partner. With Netflix ruling the roost, we have forgotten the pleasure of these stolen moments. And hey, add a small shelf to the mix for your book collection.

We suggest:

  • A high-back wing chair for vintage charm

  • Comfy easy chairs if you have a space crunch

  • A window seat for a cozy feel if all else fails

  • An area rug for your chair to elevate the style quotient

Must-Have Two: Storage Bench or Ottomans

Storage benches not only amp up your bedroom décor but are functional too, as you can store your extra pillows and blankets in them. Or you can go the Ottoman way. These portable stools are perfect for a game of cards with your partner, or for storing your spare linen. Both these ideas work just as well for foot-of-the-bed décor.

We suggest:

  • Benches with legs for a stylish appeal if you have enough storage in your room

  • Benches with side armrests for vintage appeal

  • Ottomans in leather for a masculine vibe

Must-Have Three: A Gorgeous Vanity

When you want to paint the town red, you need to pull out all the stops. What better way to achieve a great look than with the right makeup and clothes? This makes a well-stocked vanity a bedroom essential. Pay particular attention to the height of the mirror, the clarity and the lighting to get your makeup right. Make sure your unit has plenty of storage. Let’s face it, with the beauty industry coming up with exciting new products every day, you need all the space you can get!

We suggest:

  • Plenty of drawers for your makeup paraphernalia

  • A space under the vanity for your pull-out stool for easy makeup application

Must-Have Four: Perfect Lighting

Good lighting is vital to get you in the mood. So, start with ambiance lighting. Follow up with task lights, such as wall sconces for your vanity and a floor lamp for your reading chair. This will give a soft, romantic glow to your space.

We suggest:

  • Pendant lights or lamp shades for your bedside

  • Recessed lighting under the headboard for drama

  • LED strip lights on the skirting or bed frame for a surreal feel

Must-Have Five: A Classy Headboard

Headboards are elegance personified. You can go the rustic way with natural wood, knots, and all. Or you can go for a quilted headboard in velvet if you are after a glamorous look. There is more than one way to peel this apple. Comfort is vital, especially if you are in the habit of watching TV from your bed. And hey, while you are at it, check your pillows and see if they need replacing. For tips on pillows, click on this link.

We suggest:

  • Subtle pattern for vintage charm

  • Headboard that extends as a canopy for a fairy-tale vibe

Last Words

While we have picked five of our favorite must-haves, many other factors matter too. These can be a plush bedside fur rug, chic bed linen, a cozy comforter and gorgeous drapes to cut out the light. For more bedroom décor ideas, you can always log in to, where we make things happen.