The Best Room Color For Your Zodiac Sign

Last updated on September 15th, 2021

Your home is the one place where you really need to be in your element. It is, after all, your sanctuary. Which is why, it is important that it is done up in a way that you aren’t just comfortable with, but in a way that helps bring out your very best both in terms of your personality and spirit. And science has it, that there are colors based on your astrological sign, that don’t just energize you, but also help bring peace and happiness into your life. Then why wait? Read on and see what color works best for you!

Aries – Red


Being the color of their ruling planet Mars, red is the passionate and fiery color that works best for Aries and will keep them happy in their homes. And given that the jewel-tone trend has stayed put for a while now, scarlet and ruby should make ideal choices for not just paint colors but fabrics and furnishings as well.

Taurus – Green

Being a grounded earth sign, Taurus likes to stay connected to the earth and all things green. Green in all its shades will keep this nature-inspired sign connected with the earth and get their creative juices flowing. Think lush green velvet bedding apart from the emerald color on the walls and other décor elements.

Gemini – Pops of Yellow, Orange And Green

Geminis with their quirky personalities will revel in pops of bright colors like yellow, green, orange and patterns, with their surroundings reflecting their perpetually busy inner mind. An accent wall or a throw pillow bursting with color or a sofa or drapes filling a room with color would keep these eclectic folks in their element.

Cancer – Violet

These deeply intuitive and emotional beings need a relaxing color that will help keep them calm and Violet happens to be just the color. It also helps invigorate their chakras and energizes them.
And since jewel-tones have been trending everywhere, amethyst and all-purple walls will be the stunningly right choices to make for this sign.

Leo – Yellow-Orange

This radiant and sunny sign is drawn to bright and sunny colors that would add drama to any setting. Bright yellow-orange is a color that appeals to these regal, loyal and optimistic beings. Believing that they’re the king or queen of the world, they are also drawn to rich golden hues, and anything that makes their abode look akin to a castle!

Virgo – Bluish-Green

This efficient and tidy sign will think way ahead before picking a wall color trying to make sure that everything in their home works well together. And they will pick up one which is neat and simple like blue-based greens that strike a balance between their earthy energy and calm demeanor.

Libra – Dark Green

Being an energetic air sign that needs to be more grounded, darker shades of green won’t just help make a statement in their homes but will also offer them a peaceful refuge to dwell in.

Scorpio – Maroon

Red and black happen to be two powerful colors for this extreme and moody sign and maroon forming the middle ground is just the right color for them. Maroon is also an emotionally intense color and quite apt for this deeply passionate sign.

Sagittarius – Plum

This philosophical sign known for a spiritual bend of mind, will benefit immensely from this rich, deep hue which aligns perfectly with the sign’s vibrant personality, brimming with optimism and a sense of freedom.

Capricorn – Navy Blue

This traditional and conservative sign averse to risk-taking, will revel in Inky blue interiors. Nothing fits their stable and trustworthy nature more than the classic navy blue.

Aquarius – Light Blue

With Uranus, the blue planet ruling their sign, a lighter version of blue tends to appeal to this sign. Deeply innovative and experimental, the water-bearers love to try new things, even with décor. This shade also complements the sign’s intellectual and altruistic side.

Pisces: Sea-Green

This perceptive and sensitive sign is drawn to anything that resembles the ocean or water. Being a water sign, their homes are filled with a sense of fluidity and peace and trendy jewel-toned sea greens form the perfect surroundings for these deeply emotional beings.