December Checklist: Get Your Home Winter Ready

Last updated on November 30th, 2020

Winter is here and has brought with it a whole new set of chores intended to keep your home happy and healthy amidst the chilly days ahead. From layering your drapes to creating a meditation corner, our December household checklist will help you steer through the winter season, with ease. Read on to discover how to maintain your home and its surroundings for a stress-free season!

1. Consider adding heavy curtains

With winter in full swing, it is time to layer your drapes and blinds to encourage insulation and keep the warmth from escaping. On sunny days, open up the curtains to let the light in and warm up your home. In the evenings, close all shutters tight to keep cold air from getting in.

2. Make room for winter wear

We cannot imagine winter without our jackets, boots, socks, and mittens. However, storing these bulky outfits also means wreaking havoc in your closet. Do yourself a favor and keep these seasonal outfits in a separate closet to restore order in your home. In case you don’t have an extra closet at your disposal, think of supplementing your entryway with removable hooks to hang your go-to winter gear.

3. Spruce up your guest room

Holiday season means guests staying overnight. So, make it a point to freshen up your guest bedroom in advance. Change the bed sheets and pillow cases, lay out a soft rug, and add some fresh flowers to cheer the space up.

4. Set up a meditation corner

Our hectic lifestyle can cause stress. So, this month, take a stab at creating a calming meditation corner in your home to enjoy some time in solitude. It certainly doesn’t need to be a whole room, even a tiny corner in your bedroom would suffice. Just ensure the space is peaceful and receives a lot of natural light (to uplift your mood instantly).

5. Add holiday shimmer

Don’t forget to sprinkle some holiday cheer around your home. Think of decorating you place with fairy lights, beautiful planters, and other pretty things to keep the seasonal charm alive.

6. Invest in an electric heater

Winters can be quite ruthless in some parts. So, if your place happens to experience harsh winters, think of investing in an electric heater to keep your home warm and toasty. You can even opt for an electric fireplace to set the winter mood.

7. Follow a skin care routine

Winter can affect your hair and skin. Think of befriending a moisturizer to keep your skin happy and healthy. Also, don’t forget to keep your lip balm handy whenever you step out.