October Checklist: Jump Start Autumn with These Tips

Last updated on September 29th, 2020

It’s October – the leaves are falling, the sun is shining bright and high, and your home is brimming with the warmth of autumn! In short, October is a great time to get your house in shape before the holiday season sets in. From cleaning the pathway and sprucing up the garden, to changing the decor of your home and planning out your annual trip – we have gathered 5 household tasks that you need to get done! Check them out:

1. Reclaim your pathway

While it is beautiful to watch the leaves falling, eventually, they just turn into a pile of mess! Hire someone to trim the leaves and clean out the fallen foliage. You can even think of adding them to your compost pile.

2. Reinvigorate the decor

Autumn is the beginning of everything new. So, why not dress up your home with some fresh autumn vibes. Take cues from the changing colors of the leaves to fill your home with autumn vibes! Create a quick and easy centerpiece for your dining table by arranging some fresh flowers and leaves, and change the curtains to bring home the autumn vibe.

3. Wrap up your seasonal gear

Now that monsoon is gone, and winter is approaching with small yet steady steps, it is time to pack away all your monsoon gear (umbrellas, raincoats, and more).

And, since the sun is shining bright, think of using it in your favor. Sunshine does more than just dry your clothes. It helps kill bacteria, dust mites, and other microscopic intruders. So, think of leaving your pillows, mattresses, upholstery pieces, rugs and winter clothes in the sun. All you need to do is keep them under the sun for 30-60 minutes, however, be sure to rotate them from time to time to avoid color fading.

4. Spruce up your garden

Take advantage of autumn’s unique weather to spruce up your garden. Plant some Dahlias, Begonias, and Tulips to make your outdoor space as beautiful as your indoors.

5. Plan a Vacation

Winter is fast approaching. Which means, you should start planning out your vacation. Purchase your flight tickets and reserve the hotel beforehand to get a good deal!