10 Foyer Décor Ideas That Are Spot-On For Indian Homes

Last updated on July 2nd, 2022

Entryway, foyer, hallway. These are the many names for one of the most important spaces in your home – one that your guests set eyes on the moment they enter. Foyers act as an introduction to your home, as they carry hints of the magnificence that lies inside. Make sure you decorate yours right!

Here are a few foyer decor ideas that’ll elevate your entrance to an absolute conversation starter!

1. Add drama to your ceiling

Whether you do it with eye-catching ceiling lights or with a paint color that takes all eyes up, creating a stunning foyer can be easily accomplished by playing around with the way your ceiling looks.

2. Add statement furniture to your foyer

Creating a foyer that leaves a lasting impression isn’t all that difficult. Let’s look at the basics first. Start with a nice console table – that can even have drawers if you want to give it added functionality and a few knick-knacks placed on it to give it a complete look. And more importantly, provide the space with a seating option that your guests can use to wear their shoes comfortably.

3. Don’t leave the walls blank

Framed art or an ornate mirror can take care of the blank space above your console table. If you don’t mind being a little less private, you can even create a gallery wall there with photos from fun trips you’ve been on, with family.

4. Add accent decor pieces

Give your foyer the right accent pieces and watch the space go from an ordinary-looking one to one right out of a glossy design magazine! Be careful as to not crowd the space. Sometimes less isn’t just more – it’s absolutely stunning!

5. Give some love to the floor space 

Rugs have a way of tying things together in a space – and effortlessly so. When you pick an accent color for the space, just make sure there are hints of it in the carpet you choose for the foyer area as well. If your decor aesthetic isn’t too conventional, you could even go all-out bold and try a dramatic rug that makes a statement right at the door.

6. Deliver a style statement with lights

Give lights in this area a lot of thought. They can make or break the space. Keep things understated, and classy and if possible, layer your lighting – with options for ceiling, as well as table or floor lamps.

8. Add some greens

What’s a space without some life, right? Give your foyer an added oomph with plants that won’t just look stunning, but purify the air you breathe as well!

9. Make it functional

No point in having a pretty foyer area where you and your guests struggle with wearing or taking off their shoes, right? Or one that serves no function other than looking pretty. In home decor always remember, function is always as important as form!

10. Create a foyer where there is none

For Indian apartments or households that don’t have a foyer area, you can create one by adding a Jaali or wooden partition to separate your living space. These partitions in different designs can accentuate the entryway without using much space. Even in the absence of a divider, you can use other elements like a rug or a piece of furniture to visually separate the space from the living area.

Hope you liked those foyer decor tips and would wanna experiment with a few in your home soon. You can explore scores of such practical and chic design ideas here

Happy decorating, everyone!