10 Ways To Turn Your Entryway Into A Stunner

Last updated on October 20th, 2023

Your entryway is the first thing guests see when they visit your home, so why not make a statement? There are so many ideas to transform your entryway into a showstopper, from colorful rugs to chic furniture. 

You can pick from a variety of styles depending on the building structure and home decor. Every home has a unique vibe, and the entryway gives the first impression. It can lead to the living room, the hallway, or a quaint staircase. Play with colors, textures, and patterns. Here are ten unique ways to do it in!

1. Welcome with a pleasant rug

Want to elevate the space in a simple but sophisticated way? Nothing can fit better than a rug. This versatile piece of home decor can instantly revamp your space, adding style and comfort. The textured look gives an intimate vibe to the space. And you can also play with a variety of prints and colors. Go for an ethnic pattern or try a geometric art form. 

2. Have a coat rack or install hooks

Every time you enter a house, you want to keep away your coat and bags. Adding hooks or a quirky coat rack will make your entryway more functional. There are so many playful styles available to match your decor style. You can try simple wooden hooks or go for sleek metallic ones. How about a tiny space to hang your keys? Keeping your entryway organized can definitely make it a stunner.

3. Design a small seating area

The entryway may not be where you can sit and chat for hours, but a little seating area can be very useful. Especially when you have done a huge grocery haul and want to catch your breath as soon as you enter. A cute seating area with a wooden bench can make your home ten times more inviting. 

4. Add a pretty plant

You cannot underestimate the power of a plant to make your home beautiful. Keep a plant on the doorway, beside the rug, or as a tabletop to see the difference. You can have a simple money plant or an ornamental orchid. Just make sure that you water them as necessary, as they will always cheer you up!

5. Get a stylish mirror

A mirror can serve many purposes sitting in the entryway. It will help you get a good look at yourself as you head out for the day. If you have a small apartment, it will give the sense of a larger space. Plus, no one can deny that a framed mirror is super elegant. Get thick frames made of wood or bronze for an elegant look.

6. Jazz it up with wall art

Hanging up wall art, picture frames, and photographs can showcase your personality on your entryway. They give an individualistic appeal to your space, making it fresh and original. The right artwork can lend contrast to your walls. It can create a layer of interest and can be a conversation starter.

7. A minimalist, wooden rack

If you want to keep things modern and minimalistic, go for a simple wooden rack. It’s great for storage while also giving an earthy look. You can keep a plant and a few magazines on top. Have a little lamp that can light up the evenings. It may not be very glamorous but can give an understated charming effect to the space.

8. Make it cozy with cushions

Want to make your home more welcoming? Add some cushions. It can be an excellent idea to cheer up a boring entryway. Having a small seating area with cushions can instantly make your home comforting. It’s an excellent idea, especially if you want to invite guests over. You can also explore a variety of colors and prints for cushion covers. 

9. An open shoe rack

If you are someone who loves showing off their unique fashion sense, this is a great idea! An open shoe rack lets your shoes breathe in style. Your elegant collection can also make for interesting entryway decor. Even if you don’t have a great sense of style, having a shoe rack at the entryway is a sensible choice.

10. Go vintage

Here’s the best for last. Vintage is back in style, and if you want to make your entryway a stunner, this is it! Have a vintage teal blue table or an old, polished wooden drawer. The details and texture of vintage furniture make them very attractive and stylish for every entryway.

Now that you know how to revamp your entryway, it’s time to get to work. Hit your nearest flea market to get a vintage furniture piece or a mirror frame. Get the artwork that you have been eyeing for a while. Give your entryway a little revamp and enter your home in style!

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