Does Your Entryway Have Seating? Let’s Give It Some!

Last updated on August 29th, 2022

It’s easy to ignore your entryway when designing your home. The result? The first thing a visitor sees is a shoe rack and some footwear scattered on the floor. Hardly the look you want in your exquisite home!

Moreover, your foyer décor doesn’t have to stop at a mirror and a console. A seating option is not only appealing but also functional as you have a place to sit to do your laces before going out or hitting the gym.

Let’s check out some exciting seating options for your foyer.

A classy bench

The great thing about benches is that they don’t take up much room, and you can go as narrow as you like. Moreover, they allow squatting space for two or three people.

You can play this one the way you want. A rustic bench with jute weaving looks gorgeous and adds extra oomph to your décor. For a foyer with a space crunch, a narrow, padded bench with slanting legs adds character and elegance to your space. Or you can go for a fabulous natural wood bench to add class to your décor.

Add-ons? Interesting artwork would fit right in with this décor. A jute rug is also an excellent option, as is a basket with magazines or books.

The versatile ottoman

Ottomans take up little room and add an exciting element to the standard fare of consoles and planters. Plush velvet ottomans are ideal if you have a modern décor. However, a touch of rustic in your décor with a woven ottoman can do wonders too.

Add-ons? A rustic natural wood ladder to hang your purses and bags. Attractive area rugs that add a pop of color are incredible too. Black powder-coated hooks are functional and elegant too.

Chairs add comfort and style

Chairs have a unique charm. A chair in your entryway breathes life into a dull area, elevating the décor to the next level. You can go all out with a bulky sofa chair or opt for staid but classy pieces that don’t take up so much room. With the plethora of styles and designs available in the market, it’s tough to pick a single piece.

What about your add-ons? A throw cushion, or maybe even a standalone lamp, will work for this classy act. Don’t forget to use the throw cushion on your chair!

Why not a two-seater sofa?

Hey, why not go the whole hog with a two-seater sofa if space allows? And if you don’t have a lot of space, you can still incorporate this look with a delicate two-seater bench/sofa.

This corner of your house can be a refuge for your ‘me’ time too! Just add a side table and lamp, and you are good to go. This works well in urban areas, where finding a corner to yourself can be difficult on lazy evenings.

Your add-ons? Some plants on your side table can rock this look. A vintage mirror or painting at the back will work too.

There’s always room for stools

Stools may seem innocuous, but they give you the freedom to play with styles and colors. A pop of red or yellow in the entryway is perfect for introducing a cheery look to your home. And yes, they are perfect for putting on your shoes on your way out.

Your add-ons? Vintage hooks for your paraphernalia. A few floating shelves for knick-knacks. Some pop art to match the stool color is another fantastic idea.

Go rustic or vintage with your bench

Your bench can say much about your home décor, especially if you place them in your entryway. You can go for the eclectic look with a metal frame and stark black color or go rustic with a gorgeous wooden bench with customized cushions with eye-catchy quotes. And hey, if you want to go for a vintage look, try a padded bench in velvet. Gorgeous!

Add-ons? A throw cushion on your classy bench would work wonderfully, as would a picture gallery to complete this look.

Final thoughts

Your foyer décor is more important than you think. It is the first place a visitor sees when they enter your home. Adding a seating element to your fare of wall consoles and shoe racks completes this fabulous look.

Dressing up your entryway is fun and can surprise you with their refreshing take on home décor and refurbishing ideas. Why not log in and find out?