5 Ways To Make Your Rental House A Home

Last updated on March 23rd, 2023

Everyone aspires to make their mark on their living environment by decorating to showcase their taste. That’s simple enough if you own your house or apartment, but how do you accomplish this if you are renting?

This article dives into some advice on how to make your rental feel like home.

1. Decorate with some removable wallpaper!

The deposit would very probably be lost if you put up wallpapers in a rented flat in the past, and it was also a lot of labor. Now you may replace it if you’re looking for something fresh in addition to adding a pop of color or a quirky design.

You don’t even have to limit your improvements to the walls when you have removable wallpaper. It works very well on backsplashes and kitchen cabinets as well! Thick peel-and-stick tile is a more recent choice. Several of these tiles are created especially for backsplashes, outlasting the majority of standard and removable wallpapers while providing the same versatility.

2. Play around with the view

Apartments, in particular, mean you could have less privacy than you’d want. Also, covering the windows won’t make sense if you enjoy natural daylight in the daytime or if your property receives little of it.

Using window films can be a great solution if you don’t have a particularly good view. If your apartment directly looks into a neighbor’s window or another apartment building, you should consider window films. It will allow you to draw your curtains or open your blind without having to worry about anyone looking into the house!

Similarly, you can change the focus of the room to a decorated gallery wall or an entertainment unit if your window view isn’t that pleasing. It will distract you and your guests from your boring view and shift their attention to your interesting interiors.

3. Hang up items that have a personal touch

Photos and posters are the best ways to show off your interests and the people who are most important to you. Even if they are only there for decor and not to support the weight of objects, it is still best to use caution when mounting things on the wall. The bulk of decorations can easily damage wallpaper or paint, particularly if you place them above furniture pieces like bookcases or cupboards. Make sure there is enough space between your planned items for hanging from the ceiling and any other lighting or other fittings to ensure nothing will interfere with your ability to move around the space.

Many interior designers advise using stick-on products for photographs, posters, and other lightweight items you want to hang on the wall. Be sure the hooks or other support you choose is appropriate for the object you plan to hang. In addition to potentially damaging the frames or canvas you are hanging, this helps prevent damage to the wall.

4. Add pops of color wherever possible

When you rent a place to live, it’s likely that you won’t be allowed to color the walls or that you’ll be required to restore them to their original dull color of white or ivory before you go.

Your home can have some personality and fun by selecting furniture in a color you adore. For example, if you have a darker corner, you can make it more noticeable with colorful furniture pieces or decor. The best part is that when you locate your new home, you can bring your favorite pieces with you.

5. Get busy with layers

A fun way to deck out your space is to make use of soft furnishings. Think of curtains, linens, and pillow covers! No matter what kind of layout your apartment has, you can always make it look more appealing by layering it with fabric. Use a combination of sheer and heavy curtains on your windows. Add some mix-and-matched throw pillows on your neutral-colored couch to add more personality to your home.

Summing Up

Making your house a comfortable place to unwind and one that reflects your lifestyle is crucial. You can easily make a rented space your very own with a little imagination. For more renter-friendly tips and hacks, browse the wide range of blog posts on Homebliss.