7 Houseplant Trends That’ll Be Big In 2023

Last updated on February 8th, 2023

The easiest way to add oomph to your home decor is by adding plants to the mix. There is a wide variety of hardy plants and exotic types available in nurseries across the country. But with the wide selection, choosing the right ones for your home can get confusing.

Also, as with other design elements, houseplants, too, figure in when we talk of trends for 2023. So, what’s in store for this year? We see that variegated foliage and trailing plants rule the roost. However, it doesn’t end there. Follow us to get a lowdown on which plants are trending in the world of interior design.

1. Bold is in

Bold is in, and the bigger, the better. Plants with huge thick leaves add pizzazz to your décor. So, which plants should you be looking at? Ficus Benjamina or weeping fig are great options. Arcea palm and rubber plants are great choices too. Apart from adding an exciting element to the home décor, these bold statements are perfect for terraces and balconies too.

2. Go for Colorful Foliage

Anthuriums or lily plants are forgiving in nature and need little care. This is an excellent choice for your home as it reduces xylene and ammonia from the atmosphere. The reddish-pink leaves add a pop of color just when needed.

Another great plant to add color is the golden goddess philodendron. The lemon-yellow leaves may just be the thing you need to spruce up your décor. Virgin white peace lilies have a lot going for them too.

3. Make Sure They Are Sustainable

Chemical sprays and fertilizers are not sustainable choices. So, it’s best to go for plants that use coir-based mixes instead of peat. As for pots, avoid plastic and try to opt for earthenware or terracotta. With consciousness about the environment growing, this can be your way to help the planet.

4. Wall Planters Are in

More often than not, you see plants in fancy plant holders and hanging baskets. Shelves are another way to showcase your cactus collection. To take it a step forward, try wall-mounted pots. They can alleviate the décor of your room, giving it a unique appeal. You can try creepers such as money plant or go for sword ferns for drama. English ivy and philodendron are your other options.

A wide variety of fancy plant holders for walls is available in the market. They are perfect for giving your plants a good home.

5. Succulents Are Always a Favorite

There is nothing succulents like more than to be left alone. These desert plants are hardy and don’t need much care. A soil-less mixture customized for their needs is the best option. Make sure you understand your plant before you bring it home. Agave and furcraea are some of the popular choices. Haworthias rosettes are gorgeous and a great choice for your collection.

6. Plant Holders Matter Too

A great holder can change the look of your plant and your home too. A vast variety of appealing containers are available in shops and finding the right one isn’t difficult. Old teapots, watering cans, and coffee mugs make great planters too. So, rummage in your kitchen before grabbing your purse for a shopping trip.

7. Terrariums Charm

These glorious globes are a work of art. Not only do you get beautiful plants in the home, but also amazing containers with a variety of plants, pebbles, and compost soil to add beauty to your coffee table or window seat.

To get it right, place the gravel at the bottom of your glass container. A layer of compost or sand comes next. Succulents work well in terrariums. However, too much water can rot the roots, so they are best left alone. Hint: Avoid direct sunlight or extreme cold for your terrarium.

Final Thoughts

It’s best not to be too adventurous with exotic plants that need a lot of care. Go for hardy plants such as pothos, philodendrons, or snake plants instead. To get the best out of your invigorating green décor, check out homebliss.in for tips and tricks on decorating plants.