Are These Design Mistakes Spoiling Your Bedroom Interiors?

Last updated on May 15th, 2023

Design bloopers can mar the look of your bedroom. This can be anything from atrocious headboards, wardrobe shutters that hinder movement, or a bed that is too big for your space. In short, plenty can go wrong if you don’t think things through.

So, what’s one to do? For starters, resist the urge to shop for furniture just because it’s “adorable or too cute.” It may stick out like a sore thumb when it doesn’t fit in with the rest of your impulse buys. To avoid disastrous bedroom designs, check out these tips on getting it right.

Blooper One – Shopping for Furniture Without Checking the Dimensions

The first thing on your bedroom decor agenda is checking the dimensions of your space. Measure the length, breadth, and ceiling height of your bedroom. Your window’s sill height will allow you to pick furniture that doesn’t block the light. Once you have a fair idea, you are good to go.

Handy tip: When you are shopping for furniture, ask the vendor to help you with the dimensions.

Blooper Two – A Massive Headboard

Yes, we know. You have always wanted a majestic headboard fit for a king for your bedroom. But hey, if your room is a 12’ by 11’ feet affair, this gigantic headboard is going to crowd the space. So, make sure to go for something that fits the bill.

Blooper Three – Your Furniture is Covering the Window

Open windows and natural light are essential for fresh air and aesthetic appeal. Blocking your window with furniture can spell disaster. To get it right, select units or writing tables that fit snuggly under your window. To maximize storage, install window seats with storage to add charm.

Blooper Four – A Bulky Wardrobe

More often than not, the back part of your wardrobe is wasted space. You can reduce the depth, but make sure there is room for your hangers. For freedom of movement, try sliding shutters on your wardrobe for a sleek look. To get a deeper insight into wardrobe functionality, click on the link. And hey, if you are short of space, use mirrors on your sliding shutters. These will not only help you drape your sari but also give the illusion of space.

Blooper Five – Everything Must Match

Matching colors and furniture are unimaginative and give your décor a dull look. For a classy air, play with different colors, textures, and styles. Try mismatched nightstands and standalone mirrors to add intriguing elements. A play of prints, geometric patterns, and plain colors on your rug and cushions will take this look to the next level. For a quirky look, add a vintage piece to the mix.

Blooper Six – Vibrant Shades

Vibrant shades are fun to play with. But it’s best to leave the magenta and reds for your living room. Bedrooms are your refuge after a tiring day. So, opt for neutral shades. If neutrals are not your thing, try shades of blue or moss green.

Blooper Seven – Ignoring Your Window Treatment

Just any old curtain bought online isn’t going to cut the mustard. Give a bit of thought before you make your choice. Elements such as privacy, the fabric, and the length make a lot of difference in the way your room will look.

Blooper Eight – Missing Power Outlets

Once you have a fair idea about the placement of your furniture, mark out the placement of your power points before you start on your shopping spree. This will include plug points on your bedside tables for your cell phone charger and the night lamp. For your vanity, sconces or a fixture above the mirror will do the trick. Power points near the door will take care of your ambiance lighting and your fan. And hey, don’t forget the power points for your TV and AC.

Summing Up

It’s very easy to get carried away once you decide to redo your bedroom. The trick is to take it slowly, planning before each step. And hey, if you are breaking into a sweat thinking about all these rules, just give us a call. We will take it from there. Check out for more ideas on bedroom décor.