Bring Nature Into Your Home Office

Last updated on June 16th, 2023

Nature is exhilarating. It’s not only calming but soothes your eyes too. However, working in your air-conditioned home office cuts you off from the vibrancy of nature. So, how do bring the magic of Mother Nature into your work space?

Unless you are sitting amid nature, getting the perfect vibe is dicey. However, you can do the next best thing by adding natural elements to your design. So, what are your choices? Let’s take a look.

Large Windows

Large windows don’t always provide a green view, especially in the urban scene. However, you still get to breathe in the fresh air and get a glimpse of the sky and the birds swooping in unison. If you are lucky, you may even catch squirrels and sparrows frolicking on a nearby tree. What’s more, a bit of sunlight streaming into your room can be invigorating. To carry forward your natural theme, you can always add a few wickerwork chairs to your home office decor. A few dry plant rushes will complete this gorgeous look. And hey. Avoid heavy drapes, or they will kill the breezy look.

What Type of Furniture Should You Opt for?

Bulky tables and credenzas can kill the natural look. Light office tables with a lot of legroom and a comfortable chair should be the priority. Wood is the ideal material when you want to bring nature into your home office. Light wood or teak are your best options. However, rosewood can work too. Or you can try to take it a step further with a gorgeous natural wood table, knots and all, to be in tune with nature. While a great design is vital, comfort is more important. Remember, you will be spending the better part of your day in that chair.

Just a thought. If your workspace is a part of your living room, you can add a wooden folding screen to your office decor, to give you a modicum of privacy.

A Table by the Window

A great way to enjoy the outdoors is by letting your table face the window. This way you can have a spectacular view in front of you. Nature is everywhere. You just have to open your senses and welcome it into your home. And hey, if this position is not possible in your space, strategically placed mirrors will do the needful. Also, don’t forget an open shelving unit against the wall for your file and stationary storage.

Ventilation. Lots of it

Enjoying a few moments of fresh air can do wonders for your mood. Let’s face it. In hot and humid weather, you will need air conditioning if you want to get any work done. But you can open the windows first thing and welcome the day; taking in nature at its best before shutting your windows. During the cold winter months, let the breeze flirt with your tendrils as you work.

Plants are Your Best Friends

Plants are said to improve air quality. They are also easy on the eye and wonderful companions. Place your plants in strategic places so that you can enjoy nature while you work. Your work table, the window sill, shelves, or the floor are excellent options for your green friends. But, make sure you pick hardy indoor plants that don’t need too much care, especially if you don’t have a green thumb. A few creepers outside your window will add to the nature theme.

Pick Earthy or Green Paint Shades

Vibrant reds and oranges are not the ideal colors for a nature theme in your home office. Granted, gray and beige hues are trending, but they can be counterproductive as it makes you feel dull. Pick olive or moss green, mustard, or earthy shades to get the nature vibe in your décor. Shades of green are soothing to the eyes and perfect as you spend a lot of time working on the computer. This space is more than just an office. It’s your escape from the hustle and bustle of family life. So, why not add a few comfy chairs and a rug to make your space feel warm and inviting?

Final Thoughts

Your workspace is not just a functional space. The ambiance matters too. When you have a lot of earthy elements in your decor, your productivity increases and your day will be less stressful. To get the look right is a cinch. However, if you want tips from the experts, we will help you figure it out. Browse through our website, for more interesting home decor ideas.