Compact Workstations: 9 Home Office Ideas For Small-Space Dwellers

Last updated on August 14th, 2023

Designing small spaces can be a challenging affair. With the sofas, the TV unit, and the dining table fighting for space, your poor workstation doesn’t stand a chance. However, a compact workstation is a vital element in home decor, as the work-from-home culture is picking up speed. But hey, no need to crack your knuckles in despair.

These nine amazing ideas will make work a pleasurable experience. Let’s check out some interesting ideas.

1. Find Your Nook

If you look hard enough, you will see that there is plenty of room for your workstation. It can be under your staircase, an extension of your kitchen counter, or a compact workstation in your bedroom. Avoid frills such as elaborate shelving units if your space is too tight. Make sure to pick colors and styles that fit in with your decor for a seamless look.

2. Make it a Part of Your Unit

Making your workspace a part of your unit adds appeal to your decor. There are many possibilities, depending on the size and plan of your home. Open shelving units are ideal for this concept. This idea works best if you have flexible hours. Face it, your kids running riot when you are about to close a deal isn’t going to work!

3. How about Your Bedroom?

For a modicum of privacy, your bedroom is your best bet. Again, it all depends on the size of your room and what your options are. The side of the bed is a good choice when you have limited space. Your work table doubles as a side table. This little nook gives you all the privacy you need and adds to the decor too!

4. Go Minimalist

Frills such as shelving units can crowd the space. For a streamlined and neat look, try the minimalist approach. Just allow the bare essentials into your design for a sense of space. A few choice frames on the walls are all that you need for this style.

5. Formal Vibe with Wood

If you are a stickler for formality, wood paneling exudes a professional feel in your home office. This is also a great way to demark your office space. If dark wood is too much, try painted wall paneling. And hey, it will look impressive when you are on a video call!

6. Allow Nature to Drop in

Plants ooze positivity and can be inspiring. These lush friends will make your job less tiresome. Make sure to pick plants that are easy to maintain. This is a good way to define your workstation, too.

7. The Funky Look

For professionals who dabble in creative pursuits, this decor is right up your alley. You can add a funky element to a space to give it a homely feel. It will stimulate your creative juices, too! Don’t be afraid to use your fabric or design samples as wall frames to accentuate the design.

8. Let Your Kitchen Island Play a Dual Role

There is no reason why you can’t use your kitchen island as an office. This space sees a buzz of activity during meal times only, so you can focus on your work peacefully. The best part? The fridge is only a few feet away!

9. A Part of Your Wardrobe

Why not try to incorporate your home office into your wardrobe space? This can be as an extension of your wardrobe, in the closet, or behind the shutters of your wardrobe, so you are not disturbed by thoughts of work as you sleep. Privacy and space-saving at their best!

Our Thoughts

At the end of the day, all you need is table space and a laptop to function. Many places in your home can give your office a home. If all else fails, invest in a computer trolley table so that you can wheel it around when you need privacy. For more ideas, we are here to lend a hand. Log in to our website,, for some cool home decor tips.