What Color Is Your WFH Space? Here’s What It Says About You!

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

The right color of your home office can promote productivity and uplift the energy of the entire space. That said, you can choose from vibrant hues like orange, blue, and red to soothing shades like green, pink, or even neutrals for a minimal vibe.

Whether you want to give your home office a makeover or are looking for that perfect accent wall color, we have got you covered.

Our color guide includes the effects of different colors on your mood and behavior to help you make the right choice and make your home office space feel more inviting.

1. The Posh Pink

Pink is one of the most tender colors of all. It has a sense of playfulness along with an element of calmness. A wall of pink, when combined with a touch of white, makes it the perfect combination emanating serenity. It tells people that you are a compassionate person who has non-threatening vibes.

A pink workspace can also have a calming effect making it great for jobs that require a lot of patience. It can be an excellent choice if you often tend to get into heated arguments.

2. The Witty White

White is arguably one of the most common and safest choices for WFH spaces. Plus, it gives a neat and spacious appeal. Even though it makes a great backdrop to accentuate your work desk, experts warn that it may not stimulate your thoughts enough.

To break the monotony of a white workspace, try to complement it with a brighter color, in the accessories you choose, the curtains you go for or the chair you get.

3. The Bubbly Blue

Blue is a perfect choice if you wish to boost your creativity or productivity. It tells others that you are a confident being and someone who can be trusted with secrets.

The energy your blue workspace will radiate is positive and the vibe relaxed. People who might be working in sales or accounting profiles can benefit a lot from blue walls and accessories.

4. The Yielding Yellow

The color yellow is often known to be attached to the emotion “happy”. Just like the Sun, your yellow workspace will radiate positivity and energetic vibes. It tells the world that you are a creative person who can solve their problems without burdening yourself.

Yellow is an excellent choice if you have a creative job like that of a writer, designer, singer, or video creator. You will get the inspiration you are looking for when surrounded by this sunshiny color.

5. The Growing Green

Green is directly rooted in nature. The color of harmony and growth – green can instantly bring serenity into any space. The color green has also been linked to creative thoughts and enhanced mental well-being.

Your green workspace says that you are a peaceful person who likes to think rationally and doesn’t make any impulsive decisions. You are a balanced human being who neither settles for less nor demands for more and knows exactly their worth. You have the best qualities like being observant and self-reliant. By clearly communicating about your needs, you make your way ahead without having any second thoughts.

All in all, the colors you are surrounded by say a lot about you, but now is the time when you can let yourself speak, with some help from colors. You may not have the liberty to paint your office walls, but you can definitely recreate your work from home space. What’s noteworthy is that colors like black and brown take a back seat when painting a workspace as they radiate a gloomy and dark vibe.

Pick a color close to your personality and lighten up your space and the time you spend there. The newly designed workspace will give you the happiness and motivation to work happier and check all the items on your “to-do” list, without them seeming like a chore!

So, what are you waiting for? Go right ahead, give yourself unicorn wings, and spread some glitter around! 

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Have oodles of fun decorating your WFH space!