Decorating In Scandinavian Style? Steer Clear Of These 6 Mistakes!

Last updated on August 18th, 2022

In the world of interior decor and design, Scandinavian style is currently in vogue. Everyone is looking to renovate their living space in this minimalist European style. Perhaps, even you are inspired to give your place a Scandi makeover and add a touch of elegance. But you might fall for some classic mistakes when trying to incorporate this style on your own.

Fret not; we present to you six major mistakes people make while going for Scandinavian decor so you can design your home better.

1. Only using the color white

This one is an understandable mistake. After all, almost all pictures of Scandinavian decor predominantly feature white. It is natural to think that adopting an all-white setup is a recipe for success. Unfortunately, it can make your room look flat, drab, and uninspiring. Rather than focusing only on white, go for more bright, neutral colors in combination with white to add warmth to the room. Remember, the idea here is simplicity, not dullness.

2. Only going for wooden furniture

Yes, wood. Well-grained and high-quality wood can complement the lighter color palette perfectly. However, using a timber finish for all furniture might be taking things a little too far. Same as using white, too much of the right thing can be wrong in this case.

Try mixing and matching other elements such as marble and metal with wood to give the room a more appealing aesthetic. Keep the contrast to a minimum, but ensure it is there.

3. Going too minimal

Scandinavian decor is all about minimalism and functionality, but that is not the end of it. It also incorporates a philosophy known as Hygge, a Danish term that signifies comfort and simplicity. The idea is to instill a sense of well-being with small comforts. Therefore, going too minimalistic is the antithesis of this idea, which will make your room look cold and somewhat clinical.

Adopt the Hygge philosophy and add some textures and colors to your white space with rugs, throws, and curtains. These neutral-colored additions, combined with the minimalist background design, can breathe new life into your home decor.

4. Thinking Scandinavian means expensive

Although Scandinavian nations are quite prosperous economically, it doesn’t mean this style of home decor is expensive. In fact, the core belief of this style is practicality and simplicity – two things that don’t cost a fortune. So if you find yourself thinking about breaking the bank for this renovation, you are wrong.

Remember to go small and subtle. Shop around your neighborhood and local discount stores to find elements that might fit the Scandinavian scheme. Also, try and emphasize on more natural elements by letting in more natural light. After all, the Scandinavians really value natural light during their long, dark winters.

5. Forgetting to personalize the space

It is an easy trap to fall into. Maybe you steered clear of the rest but got carried away by looking at Scandinavian decor ideas on Instagram or Pinterest. Now, your room looks exactly like the ones on social media but lacks a personal touch.

Remember to add your own personality into the elements, as authenticity is another core tenet of Scandinavian people. Also, avoid trends that tend to use plastic or other cheap elements. Stick with durable, natural materials that reflect simplicity and character for the best results.

6. Over-styling the space

Just like the mistake mentioned above, it is easy to end up with a space that is too perfect, almost like a showroom. Ultimately, it is important to focus on practical applications rather than aesthetics only.

Go for durable design elements instead of the ones in trend just because they look appealing on social media. Think more from a quality perspective. Plan what your day looks like and add Scandinavian elements that will help your routine rather than hinder it. And voilà! You will have a perfectly-styled room that brings warmth, convenience, and beauty.

Final thoughts

Scandinavian interior designing is all about functionality, comfort, and minimalism. By following these core principles of their culture and avoiding these classic mistakes, you will easily achieve your vision. Moreover, you don’t have to go all out; you can also add partial Scandinavian elements to your existing decor to create a more customized look.

There are plenty of other elements that you can incorporate into your newly renovated space to enhance its uniqueness. You can also visit, the hub for all home decor and maintenance tips, to find out more.