Green Thumb Optional: 7 Indoor Plants That Thrive Even Under The Most Neglectful Care

Last updated on August 29th, 2023

Plants are temperamental and want things to be just so. If they love a bit of sunlight, placing them in a dark corner isn’t going to work; they will soon throw a tantrum and shrivel away. The worst part is, it’s difficult to coax them back to good health especially when they dig in their heels.

After a few plants have bitten the dust, you may just call the whole thing off and go in search of artificial plants. Yes we know, plastic doesn’t die! But before you mar your look with plastic, check out these 7 interesting plants that are hard to kill. Read on.

1. Pothos or the money plant

Yes, we get it, this plant does seem boring. However, it’s in how you grow it. A cluster of shoots planted in a pot gives rich dividends. Soon enough you will have a lush growth of tiny leaves that fill your heart with joy. Trim the pothos when it gets unruly for a cap effect. If you love your tendrils, let them explore your shelving unit. These hardy plants will amp up the look of your home with minimum fuss. What’s more, they bring good luck to your home.

2. Snake plant

This hardy plant loves a bit of light, but it is just as comfortable in dark corners. It can cope with underwatering but throws a tantrum if you over-water it. The snake plant is good at absorbing toxins from the air making it a perfect pick. Moreover, the tall fronds are ideal when you want balance in your plant display.

So, how do you know your plant is in trouble due to overwatering? The fronds will become limp and decay.

3. Areca palm

These sturdy plants ooze charm and give your home a tropical vibe. It isn’t demanding and survives in low-light areas and doesn’t need regular watering. Over-watering doesn’t work for the areca as it causes root rot. The plant is said to absorb toxins from the atmosphere. These plants can have a lush growth so make sure you have room for it.

4. Aloe vera

This succulent is easygoing and adds charm to the decor with its spikey fronds. It thrives in areas that don’t have direct sunlight. Again, control the itch to water this plant as it is a succulent. Keep the soil moist to prevent root rot. With all its usefulness, aloe vera is a good plant to have around.

5. Rubber plant

The rubber plant stands tall amongst its brethren with its gorgeous color and thick shiny leaves. What makes this plant exciting is the appearance of red spikes before the new leaves open up. It is comfortable indoors as well as outdoors. A point to note. The sap from the plant can irritate the skin. It is also toxic to animals so keep them on higher surfaces, out of reach of kids and animals.

6. The song of India

The song of India might as well be dancing to the tune of its song. The fronds mark their domain by spreading out on the surroundings. As they need little care, these make great house plants for your decor. The best part? They absorb formaldehyde from the air. Reason enough to get one!

7. Peace lily

The peace lily is a perfect addition to your home. The coy flowers reaching for the sky are breathtakingly beautiful. Opt for plants with a thick growth of leaves for extra appeal. It doesn’t like direct sunlight so a shady space in your home will be perfect for it.

Our thoughts

Plants are the trump card of home decor. They ask for little and give a lot. This magnificent gift from Mother Nature transforms your space in a matter of minutes. What’s more, as they draw the eyes to them, you can easily hide all the blemishes in your decor. That said, plants love attention and thrive when you care for them. To arm yourself with knowledge about these life forms, check out our website