Get Yourself A Five-Star Home!

Last updated on April 24th, 2023

One of the perks of traveling is the luxurious five-star living facilities. Whether it is the majestic bed, the tasteful lighting, or the spa-like bathroom, it’s great to live in the lap of luxury. But all good things must end, and we make our way home with bags and baggage to our not-so-fancy home décor.

But hey, it need not be like this. You can return to a magnificent home worthy of any five-star hotel room. And it’s not as difficult to achieve as you think. For tips and tricks to a luxurious five-star home, read on.

An Elegant Living Space

The first thing that strikes you in a hotel lounge is the seating. The mix of plush sofas, chairs and ottomans takes the décor to another level. A high-backed chair is a great addition to get the right look in your home. Look out for rich brocades or gold trimmings in them. Let the chairs mingle with the sofa, preferably in different materials and textures to emulate the look. As long as you stick to your basic color chart, you are good to go.

Tip: A high-backed chair is excellent as a single piece placed at an angle in the corner. Sofa chairs, on the other hand, can join the seating arrangement in the center and mingle with the sofas as a pair.

Rich Upholstery

The furnishing will play a vital role in your hotel-style décor. Make sure to pick rich materials such as brocade, damask, or velvet. Sheers are perfect as curtains. Or you can even go for heavy drapery for an opulent look. To amp up the decor, add plush carpeting to the mix. And don’t be afraid to play with stripes, prints, and plain colors to get the desired effect.

Good Lighting is Vital

Try vintage lamps and sconces to get your lighting right. Pendants work, too, but avoid a very modern touch. If you are lucky, you can get your hands on a classy chandelier at thrift shops. You will be surprised at what people discard in a hurry to renovate their homes!

Get the Right Bed

The bed is the first thing you see when you enter a hotel room. Moreover, it’s hard to look away from the gorgeous creation. Start with a firm, supportive mattress for extra comfort. Choose a rich bedcover and soft cotton sheets for comfort. Most hotel beds have majestic headboards. You can pad and unholster your existing headboard or get a new one.

Go for symmetry for your side tables. To achieve a perfect hotel bedroom look, get some vintage lampshades to complete this gorgeous ambiance. You can toss in a bedside rug for good measure.

Bathroom Makeover

To get into the five-star vibe, get yourself some plush towels in pristine white and a smart wicker basket on your vanity for your rolled-up hand towels. Little knick-knacks such as shampoo dispensers or coir loofahs and hand creams will do the rest. Add some fresh flowers and scented candles to take it to the next level.

What Colors are Best for This Look?

Hotel rooms rarely have bright, over-the-top colors. They aim to add a soothing vibe, and that can be attained by using soft shades. Neutrals are trendy and greys as well as blues work too. If you want to add a pop of color, throw cushions are your best bet, as that limits the use of vibrant shades. Try hints of gold or bronze on your floral wallpaper for an opulent look. Restrict the use to only the accent wall, or you will kill the look. And hey, pick dainty motifs; we don’t want an over-the-top loud print for this look.

Final Words

Getting a five-star home isn’t that expensive, as you can work with what you have and build on it. If you want to start from scratch, it might cost you a bit, and we suggest a consultation with our design team at to get your money’s worth. Log in today and check out your options.