Not An Afterthought: 6 Ways To Put A TV In Your Bedroom

Last updated on June 10th, 2023

Many people like watching their favorite shows from the convenience of their bed, but may find it challenging to include a TV in the design of their bedroom. The decision to add a television to the room is therefore frequently up for discussion. When determining whether to install a screen in your bedroom or not, keep these six placement suggestions in mind.

You should think about how readily it can be watched from various angles before setting a TV wherever it may fit in the room. Make sure the TV is positioned such that the center is at roughly eye level from the preferred viewing area.

Make it look like a painting

When not in use, several smart televisions offer the ability to display art. For those who want to add a TV without making it a focal point of the space, this is the ideal solution. Simply put your TV in the same location where you might mount a display painting or a work of art.

Go the wall-mounted route

Mounting the TV on a wall is one of the easiest and most convenient spots to place it in a bedroom. By doing this, flat surfaces stay open and don’t look crowded or bustling.

Include a wall-mounted television on a feature wall to significantly enhance its appeal. Accent lighting can serve to improve the design’s visual appeal. Making the design appear intentional requires paying attention to the background because the TV acts as a natural focal point.

Make a gallery wall around it

By including the TV on a gallery wall, you may draw attention away from it and onto other paintings and photos. This lessens the TV’s presence and keeps it from taking over the wall. The black screen of a TV, for instance, will seem softer and merge more naturally into the environment if it is placed next to a display wall of black-and-white photographs or artwork.

Place it on a dresser

One of the most common places to put a TV in a bedroom is on the top of your dresser or suspended above it. This is a practical location since many bedrooms typically have a dresser, and these substantial pieces of furniture offer plenty of strong, level areas to mount the TV. Place the TV above the dresser if you decide to fit it on the wall. It keeps the dresser’s surface open while producing a natural focal point.

Keep it hidden

Try hiding your TV so that it can’t be seen from the entryway, that is, if you enjoy the idea of having a TV in your bedroom but aren’t crazy about how it looks. The television will not be the very first object you see when you enter the room or pass by it. You can place it around a corner or on the opposite side of a tall dresser, depending on how your room is set up. A closet or armoire is also a common choice for people who want to conceal their TV throughout the day or who do not want to use the open wall space, Even some cupboards have a roomy open area specifically for TVs.

Place it near a seating space

TVs can be positioned next to armchairs or other small seating places that could be present in a bedroom, in addition to being put opposite your bed onaTV stand or dresser. This is ideal for creating a private retreat for relaxing or a comfortable setting to unwind without needing to get out of bed.

Final Words

Bedrooms were not typically designed to have TVs, but with our changing preferences, we can slowly adapt their design to include TV screens. If you’re struggling to find an ideal spot for your TV, try out the ideas presented here and see which one works out the best for you. For more solutions on design and organization, contact us at or go through our blog for more ideas.