Small Bedroom Design Secrets You Must Know Today!

Last updated on December 1st, 2022

Images of elegant sprawling roomsthat can house a family of 10 can put a damper on your mood when you are decorating your tiny space. How is it even possible to fit all that in the area you have? And let’s not even talk about the massive windows opening onto beautiful gardens and terraces!

Well, there is no need to tear your hair out. You can turn your small space into a designer’s dream in many ways. What’s more, all it takes is a refreshingly new perspective and a bit of imagination. And we are sure you have oodles of both. However, if you feel you can’t wing it, we have a few tips to inspire you.

Space-Saving Arrangements

You can give the illusion of space just by rearranging your bedroom furniture. As far as designing is concerned, there are no hard and fast rules. And if there is a space crunch, it’s fine to tweak the rules a little:

  • Push your bed against the window, and never mind the flowing drapes. Leave a little room at the back to open the windows.

  • Your vanity doesn’t need to have its own space. You can place it next to your bedside and let it play a dual role, or you can let it lord on the wall opposite your bed.

  • Push your bed against the wall, and get extra room for your writing table or storage unit.

  • Opt for a floor bed. This gives the illusion of space and looks funky too. All you need is a bundle of throw cushions to give it a playful vibe.

  • Add cushioning on the sides of your bed and use that as seating.

Use Your Nooks

It’s about getting the maximum out of minimum space. Here’s how to pull it off:

  • A window seat with cushions is a common feature in most homes. But why not give it an exciting twist? Low seating with backrests and a quaint coffee table will take this look up a notch.

  • The window nook in your room can make a wonderful space for your “me” time. Just throw in an easy chair and a rug. Wow!

  • The dresser need not take over all the wall space. Invest in a standalone mirror for your dressing needs, and add a writing table/vanity to the mix.

When Crowded is Good

Sometimes the less is more rule doesn’t apply. If handled correctly, you can add interesting features to your small bedroom décor without making it look crowded. So, go ahead, let in your writing table. And if you have space, add a narrow bench for an elegant look. A few throw cushions and some artwork will amp up the look of your gorgeous room. And hey, let’s stick with symmetry here for a beautiful look.

Optimize Space

A charming way to get a classy impact is by stationing your bed across the room below the window. Not only does it offer you a glimpse of the world outside, but you save room too. Moreover, the space under the bed comes in handy for extra storage. This arrangement leaves the floor open for your writing table or a TV console. Elegant and functional. Just the way great decor was meant to be.

More Storage Units Mean Less Clutter

When you don’t have room for your essentials, they will land on all the surfaces in the bedroom, hardly the décor you are looking for. To circumvent this problem, make use of the walls for extra storage. Apart from the hanger section, you can cut down on the depth of your wardrobe, increasing floor space. Try incorporating storage behind and under the bed, or take the shelving units right to the top. The room will instantly become stylish with a few throw cushions and a rug.

Final Thoughts

Size doesn’t matter. It’s what you do with the space that makes the difference. With a bit of imagination, there is no reason why your room cannot have a gorgeous look. And if you are skeptical, we at will be more than happy to help you achieve a gorgeous home décor. Intrigued? Why not check out some of our radical ideas on the website? Log in today and begin your design journey.