5 Expert Tips For A Home That’s Always On Point, Even With A Crowd Of 4+

Last updated on September 5th, 2023

Compromising with your partner is hard enough, but when you add your kids and elderly parents to the mix, a tasteful, orderly home can be challenging. And yet, your heart pines for a gorgeous home that is neat as a pin, no questions asked. So, do you sit back and settle for a less-than-perfect home or do you put up a fight?

Well, all is not lost. We will let the experts tell us how to make the impossible, possible.

1. Separate zones

If you are having friends over for dinner, the last thing you want is granny pottering around amongst the guests. Hey! She lives here too! To cut to the chase, create small nooks or seating areas in the home so that other family members can have their private space when you have company. What are the other advantages?

  • You need not scooch on the sofa to make space for family members

  • These areas are handy when you want some ‘me’ time with a book or need to do your accounts

  • It adds an interesting element to the decor

2. Don’t dominate design choices

To build a bond, let the design choices be a team effort. Once you take everyone’s needs and choices into consideration, it becomes a happier space. And if you have to compromise a bit, the resulting peace in your home is worth it. Ways in which you can achieve this:

  • Let your kids or parents choose the colors for their bedrooms. Work on a balance of colors so that the home has a cohesive look

  • A brainstorming session with chosen colors and design ideas is an excellent way to get what everyone likes. This will help you later as your family will be more than willing to share in the household chores as there is a sense of belonging

3. Make provision for storage. Lots of it

A shortage of space can be a cause of friction. Rather than haggle for space, add as much storage space as you can in your kitchen, passages, bedrooms, and bathrooms. When there is a place for everything, everything will find a place to roost, resulting in a clean and happy environment. Things to keep in mind:

  • Discourage “poaching.” Let the common areas house the linen, pillows, or other sundry items

  • Let your kids and your elderly have their private space for clothes and books

  • Shoe racks and hooks near the entryway will take care of footwear and bags

  • Invest in laundry baskets for the bathrooms so that you don’t have to deal with a clutter of dirty laundry on the bathroom or bedroom floor

4. Play match-up if you are sharing space

Chances are your kids will sleep with your grandpa if there is a space crunch. Or maybe your kids will have to share a room. This need not become an issue if you play your cards right. A mix and match of interesting colors will give the residents a sense of ownership in the space. Once you find commonality, the rest is easy to work around. Here’s what you can do:

  • Find common ground with a shade that goes with both choices

  • Try to coordinate the bed linen, making sure to avoid dramatic patterns

  • Make asymmetry work in your favor with quirky end tables and lamps

  • Find a cohesive middle ground for the decor

5. Cut down on non-essentials

If you are staying with an elderly parent or starting a home with your partner, chances are you will have many repeat items. This could be electronics, furniture, or kitchenware. Here’s what you can do:

  • Downsize your stuff to the essentials

  • Store away non-essentials in the loft if they have sentimental value

Our thoughts

Finding common ground when there are many people involved can be challenging, but with a bit of compromise and understanding, you are sure to work miracles. If you have a headstrong kid or parents, the design process may not be easy. Professional help will solve the problem as designers know how to iron out the creases. For experienced designers, you need to look no further. Log in to homebliss.in. This is where the magic happens.