6 Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making With Your First Apartment

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022

Moving into your first apartment can be a cocktail of emotions. One moment, you are happy and excited. The very next, you turn anxious and start stressing about trivial things.

So if you are looking for mistakes to avoid while doing up your home for the first time, look no further. We are here to save your day! Read on to learn of the 6 most basic ones people end up making!

1. Paint That Takes the Pain Away

The color on your walls defines the mood of your home. Most of the time, we do not pay much attention to the room’s decor before deciding on the color of the walls. The right way to go about it, however, is to look for a color that goes well with the things you plan to keep in the room.
If you have a white couch, for instance, as your show-stopper, it is best to use a contrasting color on the walls that would make the furniture piece pop. Or if you have a cabinet in a dark walnut finish in your living room, you should choose a color that highlights the cabinet.

2. Lit, Insta-worthy Homes

Lighting is an essential part of making your house look great, and it should be chosen carefully. But picking the correct lighting for each room is a tricky job as the market is flooded with tons of options. The most straightforward way to make this all-important decision – is to choose lighting as per the activities that’ll take place in a space. Some places in our home need bright, task lights, like the kitchen for instance, which is a space where there are sharp objects like knives. While some others need dim, mood lighting, like the bedroom or the balcony.
For the living room, go for lights that you can adjust, as it is a space where your family would spend most of its time. Your bedroom can do with a combination of reading lights as well as ambient lights. Bright lights, such as LEDs, are a good idea in the bathroom. Finally, if you have an island kitchen, pendant lights should be your choice.

3. Placement Matters

Furniture fills up most of a room, usually. It can either make the room look beautiful or cluttered, depending on how it’s arranged.
No matter what the size of your space, arrange furniture in a way that gives you a sense of organization. Let’s take the living room, for instance. You can approach organizing this space in two ways; either keep the sofa in a floating arrangement or use the area to make it a living-cum-dining space. Your sofa-set pieces should be placed close to each other to make conversations easier and any movement around them hassle-free. If you’re planning to add a dining table to the mix, keep its proximity to the kitchen in mind.

4. Gap is Good

Make sure you do not push the furniture against the walls. Not only does it leave nasty marks on the walls but also makes it difficult for you to change the room’s setting. What’s more, it also leaves your guests having to raise their voices to be heard or crane their necks to be seen.

5. Crucial Kitchen Questions

Where should the sink be? What’s the best place to keep the stove? What height should the cabinets be? There are dozens of questions that flood the mind of someone who is moving into their first home.
Three thumb rules to keep in mind:
Install the stove on the exterior wall for easy installation of the ventilation system.
Do not put the components of the work triangle too far from each other. It would increase the time meal-prep time and effort, considerably.
Try not to go all white, although it might be the trendiest thing, as it makes maintaining the kitchen harder. If your walls are white, make sure the backsplash or the cabinets are colorful to give your kitchen some character.

6. Bathing in Style

Unwinding after a long day or kickstarting a great day; all happens in the bathroom. It’s your personal space, and it should not be designed as an afterthought. So, say no to dull, boring, and functional tiles and fixtures. Think of vibrant, themed bathrooms. Experiment with colors, lights, tiles, wood, and accessories to make your bathroom feel lively. Don’t forget to make space for storing things, to make sure the essentials don’t clutter your bathroom.

We hope these tips will help you avoid making mistakes that many have made when decorating their first apartment!
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