Can We Please Stop Trying These Organizing Hacks?

Last updated on February 28th, 2023

There are umpteen home organizing hacks doing the rounds on social media. While some make sense, a few are questionable, to say the least. Let’s face it. Your wardrobe will not look pristine, with clothes neatly piled up throughout the year. Nor is your spice rack ever going to have streamlined herb bottles winking at you from their clean shelves.

And that’s perfectly ok! Everything need not be in its place all the time, as long as your space doesn’t look cluttered. So, how do you separate the wheat from the sheaf for organizing hacks? Let’s find out.

Give Those Clear Containers a Pass

Sure, a line of clear containers in the same design can add charm to your storage unit. Just because the post advises you to get these containers for better storage of your spices, herbs and whatnot doesn’t mean you chuck out perfectly serviceable containers to get new containers for your stuff. Not only is it a waste of money, but it does nothing for the environment.

See-through containers do help if you want to store dry eatables as you don’t have to keep opening the jar to find out what’s in it. However, going overboard with the theme for your sauces and spices is stretching it a tad. Trends come and go. Mindless shopping for containers encourages clutter, just the thing you are trying to avoid in the first place!

ROYGBIV Color-Sorting

Color coding your closet has gained traction as an organizing hack. This hack is not only childish but also impractical. And while it might seem pleasing when your clothes are arranged as per color, it’s not something you can achieve as a part of your daily routine.

A better bet is to use wicker baskets to store your woolens, jackets, or intimate apparel to make it easier to locate them. Staking these in your wardrobe makes it look pleasing and convenient too.

One-Size Cubes for Toy Storage

Clearing up is a hassle after a long and tiring day. And, in all probability, your child will toss in a mix of small and big toys in the cube box or wicker basket. It can be exasperating the next day when your kid wants the Lego pieces at the bottom of the cube. And no, they are not going to do the hunting. To avoid frazzled nerves, segregate the toys. Go for smaller containers instead and try to segregate the smaller toys from the dolls and stuffed bunnies. These can stay in the cube container.

Dumping Anything and Everything in Clear Receptacles

Yes, we get it. If you see it, it’s easier to locate. However, buying a hoard of clear containers and transferring everything but the kitchen sink in them makes no sense. Not only is it a waste of precious time, but many of your old containers will also make their way to landfills and pollute the environment. If you cut back on unnecessary condiments, you will have no trouble laying your hands on what you need.

Making Your Container Purchase Before Your Cleanup Routine

There is something magnetic about containers in glorious colors dotting the shelves in the market. But picking them up before you know how you will be using them is like collecting clutter to clean clutter.

The first thing you need to do is get your house organized by separating things you want from things you want to discard. Once you have a solid plan, make a list of things you need and then make your purchase. In all probability, you will find you don’t need as many containers for your stuff.


Getting organized saves time and also improves the overall look of your home. However, fads and senseless organizing hacks are more work than they are worth. Also, you will end up discarding a lot of plastic, something the environment can do without.

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