The Perfect Palette: A Guide To Choosing The Right Paint For Every Space

Last updated on August 30th, 2023

Picking the right paint for your home is daunting, especially when there are so many finishes to choose from. But hey, if you have no problem deciding on the shade and texture of your lipstick, this is a cinch! That said, it is important to get your paint facts right before your contractor dips their brush in the can of paint.

Each room in your home has varying requirements and uses. Picking the right paint can make all the difference where longevity is concerned. So, to dot your i’s and cross your t’s in the world of paint, dive in!

Painting your ceiling? Go acrylic!

Acrylic paints are quick-drying and very durable. They do not peel or flake easily. Even when these paints are exposed to extreme weather, the chances of peeling and cracking are very less.

However, when shopping for your acrylic paint, make sure the paint is antimicrobial so that you don’t have to deal with fungal dots peppering your ceiling in the wet season. The non-yellowing agents in the composition prevent the color from fading over time. So, what are the things you should look out for?

We suggest:

  • Odorless and chemical-free paint

  • Eco-friendly products that have safe VOC [volatile organic compounds]

  • A smooth surface before application for a perfect finish

Low-sheen is ideal for ceilings

Matte or low-sheen paints are ideal for your ceiling. Reflective paints are not advised on the ceiling as light tends to reflect easily from glossy surfaces. If you do not want your eyeballs to follow bouncing shadows, go the matte way. Moreover, imperfect POP work shows up more easily if the paint has a lot of sheen.

Your wall paint can use a bit of gleam

Emulsion paints such as satin, silk, or velvet give the room a classy and elegant look. These paints can be high or mid-sheen depending on your taste. They are not only smooth to the touch but washable too. That apart, they bring vibrancy to the color as they reflect light. Make sure to wipe down your walls with a damp sponge every few months.

We suggest:

  • Go for emulsion paints that mostly have a five-year warranty. This will allow you to get your peeling, flaking, and mold issues tackled at no extra expense

  • Opt for paints that are resistant to flame-spreading

Matte finish and dark shades, a perfect match

Matte finish paint has a non-reflective surface and absorbs light. That makes this the perfect finish if you love dark shades on your walls. An added advantage is that imperfections such as patches and nail holes will not show as easily on a matte surface.

We suggest:

  • Washable matte-finish paints as the standard matte finishes may not be as easy to clean

  • Go for paints with burnish-resistant properties to ward off issues such as a patchy look due to regular friction from cleaning

What about the kitchen and the bathroom?

The kitchen not only sees a lot of traffic but is also exposed to steam, fumes, and oil splatter. The bathroom on the other hand sees a lot of temperature changes and humidity. So, what is the best option for these spaces?

We suggest:

  • Semi-gloss paint for bathrooms and kitchens

  • Tiles or stones on the backsplash to take care of oil splatter

Semi-gloss paint for humid areas

Semi-gloss paint is ideal for your kitchen and bathroom. The sheen on the surface resists fungal growth. The surface is easy to clean as the paint contains stain-guard technology.

We suggest:

  • Try the water beading technology when you select the paint. This prevents water penetration as the water beads roll off easily.

Final thoughts

Cleaning and maintenance become a lot easier when you have the right paint on your wall. That said, proper care is needed, no matter the wall finish. For exciting and easy cleaning hacks, you can check out our website Our collection of interesting tips on cleaning and home décor are inspirational and will guide you to better living.