Vastu For Plants: 5 Plants That Are Not Good For Home

Last updated on April 20th, 2023

Plants are the easiest and the cheapest way to breathe life into your home décor. They not only add to the ambiance, but also purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. This makes plants a must-have décor element for your home. But hold your horses.

All plants may not work as well if Vaastu Shastra is to be believed. As per Vaastu, while some plants exude positivity, it’s best to stay away from plants that are inauspicious for your home. So, which plants are not Vaastu compliant? Let’s take a look.


It’s easy to understand the logic behind the theory that Bonsai plants may bring you misfortune. Bonsai plants are stunted replicas of magnificent trees that tower over the landscape. So symbolically, they can stunt your growth too. If you love your Bonsai collection, place your little treasures on the balcony or your terrace, not inside your home.


Cactus plants are a favorite among homeowners and interior designers for their astounding beauty. A cactus collection is the best way to amp up the look of your coffee table. And yet, this thorny issue needs a closer look.

If Vaastu experts are to be believed, these wondrous creations carry a lot of negative energy, leading to anxiety and stress.But a person’s got to do what they have got to do. If you still want to hold on to your cactus collection, you can change the placement, thereby warding off negative energy. So, what’s the secret? Your window sill or your balcony is the best spot for these little warriors, who will prevent negative energy from entering your home.


Bamboo plants have a unique beauty and are the perfect way to fence off your garden. However, bamboo is symbolic of death, as it is used in funerals to carry the dead. This association with death and disease makes this a poor choice for a home plant. A point to note. The bamboo trees outside are not to be confused with the lucky bamboo, a favorite in-home décor. And no, it doesn’t bring bad luck. If fact, it attracts positive energy and is the perfect gift for a friend.

Dead or Decaying Plants

It’s easy to let matters such as dead or dying plants slide when we have other things on our minds. However, dead plants not only look unsightly but are inauspicious and emit negativity in your home. Opt for lush green plants that don’t need much care for your home décor, so that you don’t have to worry about them decaying or dying.

Snipping off dried and wilted stems from your house plants is advised to ward off negativity. What’s more, with extra care, your plants will thrive, improving the positive vibes in your home.

Plants That Ooze Milk

Plants such as the frangipani, papaya, and periwinkle ooze milk when their stems are cut. It’s best to avoid these plants in or around your house as they bring bad luck. As per Vaastu Shastra, peepal or banyan trees are a strict no-no too. However, there is not much you can do if there is a peepal tree growing outside your home.

Vaastu-Compliant Plants Suggestions for Your Home

Take a look at the following Vaastu-compliant plant suggestions for your home:

  • The pothos or the money plant spreads positive energy in your home. It brings wealth and decreases stress and anxiety.

  • Snake plants emit positive vibes and remove toxins from the air. They are great for your body and mind.

  • Rubber plants bring fortune when kept indoors in pots.

  • Aloe vera is not only an excellent beauty aid, but aesthetically appealing too. It emits oxygen and removes negative energy from your home.

Last Thoughts

Plants bring positivity to your environment and add appeal to your décor. However, they need a lot of care and love to flourish. If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for plants such as the pothos or the anthurium that don’t need much care. For more plant-related information, check our website, While you are at it, check out our interesting out-of-the-box ideas on home décor.