Vastu Tips And Tweaks For A Serene South-facing Abode

Last updated on September 5th, 2023

South-facing homes are looked at with a jaundiced eye. People tend to shy away from them, even when these homes have everything needed. But what happens if you are living in a south-facing home, or if you have no option but to buy an apartment facing that direction?

If Vastu pandits are to be believed, such homes do not necessarily bring bad luck to their inhabitants. What’s more, a Vastu plan can ward off negativity. So, if you want to put your doubts at rest, consider these Vastu tips for your south-facing home.

What South-Facing Homes Are All about

How do you know which direction your house is facing? The answer isn’t complicated. When you leave your home, take a moment to observe the direction you point toward. If it’s the south, then you are living in a south-facing home. While some may find it petrifying, many people live happily in south-facing homes. However, to put your fears at rest, let’s look at the pros and cons of south-facing houses.

Vastu Myths You Should Be Wary of

Myths abound about houses, the direction, the auspicious timing for entry, and a variety of other superstitions. While many of us are skeptical of these superstitions, we tread cautiously to avoid any potential risks. Some common myths about south-facing homes are:

  • Misfortune or financial loss

  • Frequent health issues or disabilities

  • Sudden death

If you take a closer look at the homes around you, you will find that people in south-facing homes have their fair share of happiness and troubles, like everyone else. It’s not like their neighbor in the east-facing home is never going to face problems. Adversity is a part of life and should be accepted as such.

What Are the Advantages of a South-Facing Home?

It’s all about how you perceive things. It will please you to know that a south-facing home can be advantageous too:

  • Living in a south-facing home means you will get ample sunlight throughout the day, bringing positivity and abundant sunshine.

  • Your plants will thrive when they are exposed to a lot of sunlight.

  • Your furnishings and bed linen will get sunlight and air, something that is essential to keeping ill health at bay.

The disadvantages:

  • Too much sun means too much heat, which may lead to higher electric bills. To remedy this, you can keep your windows open for cross-circulation.

  • Finding buyers for your property can be challenging, as most people believe in Vastu.

Vastu Tips for a South-Facing Home

If you are considering buying a south-facing home but have doubts, these simple tweaks can bring positivity to your space:

Position of the main door: Place the door in the center of your south-facing wall to properly align the energy field. The left side of your middle point is a good option too.

A large main door: To invite positivity into your home, it is recommended to have a large main door. Let your door open inward in a clockwise motion. Also, keep the area well-lit.

A south-west direction master bedroom: This generates positive energy and also makes the place soothing.

North-West direction is ideal for other bedrooms: For a relaxing environment for your kids and guest room, this direction is perfect. You can also try the south or west directions for your kid’s room. However, the north-west should be your first choice.

Summing Up

It all depends on your belief system. While some people are staunch believers in Vastu, others may laugh it off. However, one thing they have in common is that they would rather be safe than sorry. These tips will undoubtedly put your mind at ease, even if you are a naysayer. For more tips on Vastu and home decor, log in to We have our finger on the pulse of design trends and can help you with decor challenges.