Your Small Bathroom Doesn’t Need These Things

Last updated on March 30th, 2023

Sometimes, drying yourself after a shower can be a tricky affair with your elbow knocking on the utility cabinet. What’s more, a steamy bath can get claustrophobic when there is a space crunch.

While there is no remedy for a small bathroom unless you are willing to cut into your bedroom space, we do have a few tricks up our sleeve to get the best out of the space you have. Granted, we can’t make it bigger, but we can give you the illusion of space and more comfort in the shower. Intrigued? Join us on a journey to better bathroom décor.

The Vanity Need Not Rest on the Floor

A vanity unit resting on the floor takes up a lot of space. And while it’s true that even if you leave a bit of room under the unit, you will be using the same space, the space below allows the eyes to roam over the expanse of flooring, giving the illusion of space.

If need be, go for slim storage units that sandwich the mirror, or go vertical with your corner storage space.

Do You Need a Bathtub?

A bathtub is a luxury in the best of bathrooms. What’s more, in our day-to-day grind, we rarely have time for a good soak. So, rather than let the cumbersome fitting take up a lot of room, ditch the idea. Instead, opt for a glass shower cubicle. Not only does it serve the purpose, but the transparent glass gives an unhindered view of the whole space.

The Laundry Basket Dilemma

Sure, wicker baskets are the “in thing” in bathroom décor. And yes, they are a perfect match for the wicker towel baskets you have. However, if you are going to stub your toe every time you brush your teeth, then you should do away with the idea. And no, that doesn’t mean you toss your dirty laundry on the bathroom floor.

To free the space, let the gorgeous hamper mingle with the vanity and the easy chair in the bedroom or the passage as a style statement. If you don’t want your intimate wear hanging out of the basket, get something with a lid!


Shampoo bottles, scrubs, and face wash tend to clutter the countertop as newer, better products take their place. If you think you won’t be using the old products, give them to someone who can use them, or get rid of them. For the stuff you just can’t do without, the dresser in the bedroom can store your hoard.

Cut Down on Extra Towels

Rolls of plush towels are a style statement. But these work in big bathrooms where there is room for add-ons. If your bathroom is small, it’s a better idea to let the towels hobnob with the bedsheets in your wardrobe. If you must have them in the bathroom, try a ladder or rack for them.

Sliding Doors: a Better Option

Bathroom doors take up a lot of room. But you can’t do without them, can you? The next best thing is to go for a sliding door. If this doesn’t work in your setup, you can use the space behind the door as a shelving unit for your spare towels, shampoos, and cleaning products. A folding door is another excellent option.

Use What You Have

Yup, you have a small bathroom. And there is hardly any floor space. However, going vertical is a great remedy for the storage dilemma. You can use the space above the door, on the sides of your mirror, or the end wall, away from the shower area. As these units will be above floor level, they will not clutter the space and will give you storage space to boot.

Last Words

Every bathroom is unique. And so are your habits. To get the best out of the space you have, you will need to take a step back and think before making any hasty decisions. And, if you can’t get your head around it, we are here to help. Just log in to for unique home décor ideas. We won’t disappoint you!