Declutter with Caution: 9 Home Treasures You Should Never Bid Farewell To

Last updated on July 27th, 2023

Every householder worth their salt spring cleans their homes at least once a year. Sometimes, this frenzy can have undesirable results. You find that you desperately need the thing you haven’t used in years, days after it has been towed away by the garbage truck.

We’ve all been there. The outdated cocktail dress hanging from the hook in your maid’s home isn’t going to make a dent in your lifestyle. But other gems may inadvertently find their way into the discard pile. So, before you start your clean-up operations, maybe you should check out a list of items that you shouldn’t throw out.

1. Old Documents

Death certificates and passports of grandparents or parents don’t hold value in the current age. Nor do old documents yellowed with age and tattering at the edges. These bits of paper are not only your heritage, but you don’t know when you will need them as proof of possession. The best thing to do is pack them neatly in a box and store them in a top cabinet.

2. Family Heirlooms

It’s difficult to gauge the value of an item by looking at it. Things like nutcrackers, pan containers, or artifacts can be valuable. Putting aside monetary gain, these charming pieces can add intriguing elements to your home decor. So, hang on to them!

3. Yes, Toys!

Old toys can be a burden once your kids are grown up. But think before tossing them away. Toys like Lego or Transformers don’t come cheap. What’s more, each piece has a memory behind it. Your child’s teddy bear is a great companion when they leave home. You can store them neatly in cartons for the next generation, or give them away to friends with small kids.

4. Nostalgia Time

Old photo albums, airmail letters, and postcards are steeped in history and are your heritage. These wonderful finds are great for browsing through on rainy afternoons. You can also indulge your whimsy by framing air letters, old maps, and black and white photos to grace the walls of your nook. And hey. Before you know it, your friends will be doing it too!

5. Prints and Paintings

Old paintings don’t necessarily have value. But they can add value to your decor once you reframe them. The same goes for old wall plates. If you think you have had enough of them, flip the painting to different locations for a brand-new look. Or you can store them away and be delighted when next you spring clean.

6. Outdated Clothes

Fashion always makes a comeback. So hold on to clothes that are in mint condition. Storage containers with zippers are ideal for maintaining such stuff. Or you can repurpose them by adjusting the fit or the hemline. A new wardrobe for next to nothing!

7. Old Typewriters and Cameras

Old cameras and typewriters are often collector items that are valuable. Also, they make interesting accessories for your home decor. They are great conversation starters, too, when you have invited friends over. And hey, over time, they may become collector items.

8. Books

Books are steeped in history, and it’s not only between the pages. Each book has a tale to tell. They bring back memories of trips to foreign lands and of the people who gifted them to you. They make interesting accents for your bookshelf, too.

9. Old Furniture

Old furniture pieces are rarely on their last legs. There are umpteen ways to give them a makeover. A coat of paint can do wonders after you have them repaired. With bronze handles and gold trimmings, your old furniture piece will stand out in your decor.

Summing Up

Sometimes it’s difficult to see past our noses. With our narrow perspective, we can lose sight of gorgeous collectibles that can amp up the look of our home. For innovative ways to add spice to your home, look us up at We have you covered.